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Beneluxliga error


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I made the Beneluxliga, but when I start the game I get this error:




Beneluxliga Championship has the wrong divisionlevel.

I has to be set up at 1 in the Beneluxliga Championship Competitionrecord in the database.

Who can help me? What is wrong in the database.

If someone want to look in the database: click >>here<< to download the database.

Kind regards,


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Another problem. Clubs from Belgium and Luxembourg can't qualify for CL or EL. Only Dutch teams. How can I fix this without making 1 country from Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg?

And Ajax B and PSV B play in the Jupiler League normally, but I don't want that anymore. I want them to play against the other B-Teams. But Jong PSV and Jong Ajax stay exist. They don't play in a League now. How can I fix this?

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