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horrible shooting

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Ok ill do this properly.

my problem is that i have alot of shots on target but we just cannot score, it happens in nearly every match, i have 60+ possession and more than 20 shots on target but end up scoring only 1 or 2 .

Right now we are playing a 4231 dm wide and a control mentality, my instructions are hit early crosses retain possession and play at a low tempo since i am arsenal.

im playing with arsenal, On the right is messi, Am is ozil and on the left is sanchez then dybala up top.

the board expects me to win the bpl which i am currently on course to doing and win all the others..

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We don't know what system you are using.

All we know so far is that you use a 4231, control mentality and a couple of team instructions.

We have no idea what roles and duties you have given any of your players. eg., is your striker a target man support? A Poacher attack? Are your wide men inside forwards? Wingers? Attack or support duty? Your fullbacks? Your midfield? etc.

Without knowing lots of detail, we have no idea what you are doing and can't give any advice.

Also - and take this the right way - are you exaggerating a bit? 22 shots on target in "nearly every match"? Really? Not just shots in general? If true then great, but are they all good chances, from inside the box? Plus, you say you have horrible shooting, but you also say you are on course to win the BPL and win all the others. Which doesn't sound too bad to me ;).

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