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A nation with no players playing outside of nation of birth?


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I want to make a league/nation that doesn't have any out going transfers with the outside world. So my plan was to take New Zealand or other small nation and make the league playable and edit it so no New Zealand player can play abroad? (out side of New Zealand)

So is it possible? and is this something similar to Saudi Arabia situation hard coded in the game

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated


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as far as i know, naturally you cant. however a cheatsy way is to go to the pre game editor and every one of that nationality playing outside should be changed to a different nationality. normally i would make a second nationality their primary, but you can get rid of that nationality altogether.

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In the nation db you can set

"Nation Transfer Preferences"

"Continent Transfer Preferences"

"Region Transfer Preferences"

If you set all Continents and Regions to -1, there should be no transfer activity between your country and the rest of the world.

I guess that this is for in- and out transfers.

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Nation/Region/Continent transfer preferences are for incoming transfers only. You can add New Zealand as a country and give it the max ratings (20 rating/ 20 scouting knowledge/ age 14-45) to lure all New Zealanders to their own country. Add every other continent with a rating of -1 (no incoming tranfers from those nations) and 0 scouting knowledge.

Now the clubs in New Zealand will only buy New Zealanders.

You could add New Zealand to every other country with a -1/0/14-45 rating so they won't buy those players. Although that might already be too much work and I don't think you should do this. You should probably check Australia's transfer preferences.

Squad selection rules is also a good idea. Fairly easy and it works like a charm.

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