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[FM2016] BoyInGreen's All-Ireland Pyramid

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This is a fantasy structure consisting of 6 levels with a total of 47 groups/divisions. All teams have their correct regional division info set.


  1. Premier Division (14 clubs)
  2. First Division (14 clubs)
  3. 1st Provincial leagues (3 subdivisions: Leinster, Ulster and the West)(3x12 clubs)
  4. 2nd Provincial leagues (6 subdivisions: 2xLeinster, 2xUlster, 1xMunster and 1xConnacht)(6x14 clubs)
  5. 3rd Provincial leagues (12 subdivisions: 5xLeinster, 4xUlster, 2xMunster and 1xConnacht)(12x12 clubs)
  6. 4th Provincial leagues (24 subdivisions: 9xLeinster, 8xUlster, 5xMunster and 2xConnacht)(24x10 clubs)

CUPS (all with realistic prize money):

  1. FAI Cup (all clubs; entry a la FA Cup)
  2. League Cup (top 3 tiers, 64 clubs)
  3. League Trophy (3rd tier only, 36 clubs)
  4. Irish Trophy (tiers 4-6)
  5. President's Cup


  1. Northern Ireland is not playable
  2. League uses a summer season
  3. Top tier is fully professional, tiers 2-4 are semi-pro, tiers 5-6 mainly amateur
  4. Winner of League Cup gets EL berth
  5. Suggestions welcome



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