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Game crashes when loading 3D-engine and using custom skins


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I've posted a bug report for this but since the problem seem to be related to custom skins I'm guessing SI won't investigate this further and suggested I post here.

I've used a bunch of different custom skins (Vitrix, Flut, Alavanja etc.) and all of them crash when loading the 3D match engine.

I first thought the issue was caused by downloaded graphics but if I disable 3D or change to the standard skin, everything works fine, even with all downloaded graphics.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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First make sure you have deleted your cache files, instructions here

If that didn't work make sure FM isn't running and if you have an ads folder in your Saving Location then delete it as this is generally what causes the problem on the 3D pitch.

If that didn't work or the folder doesn't exist then download and try the base skin. If the base skin works then the problem is with something that is inside those skins, if the base skin crashes then the problem is with something else.

If the Base Skin crashes, move the contents of your graphics folder outside of the Saving Location, if the game no longer crashes then the problem is with something in that folder, you'll then need to add those graphics back folder by folder until you find the item that is causing the crashing.

If the Base Skin works, then the problem is with those skins, best bet is to delete them and redownload them from the source whilst checking to see if an updated version of the skin has been released as they may have had a problem that has now been fixed.

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Set the graphic quality to medium or low (interface match). Play the game in window mode.

In preferences -->interface - screen flow ---> untick "Visit news screen automatically"

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Thanks for the replies.

I've already tried all the usual stuff (clear cache etc.) without any success. I've also removed all adboards and 3D kits.

With the base skin everything works but the problem is not just with one specific custom skin but rather all of them.

I haven't yet tried lowering quality in 3D and disabling "Visit news" so I'll try those two. Thanks again.

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I had this but only with view match. As it loaded, the game crashed. match overview.xml and match title bar.xml were the culprits.

I suspected it might be the wrong version was being used.

Then I changed screen and my resolution went from 1680x1050 to 1920x1080 and it doesn't crash anymore. (I was playing windowed maximized). Very weird. I was to mention it here but since I found that I had no idea if it made sense and I was waiting to do some more testing to try get a clearer idea.

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