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New Manchester United save, 4-1-4-1 possession game

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So i've been reading and reading more in this forum and learning a real lot, so thanks in advance.

Simply put, i'm a scrub trying to make a tactic that goes very far away from my comfort zone in FM as i'm a conservative one. So i do need all possible feedback :)

Also, i've never used the MR/ML strata. I'm a long time loyal user of the AML/AMR strata and this is the main reason i created a thread.

I'm keen to test a 4-1-4-1 in FM using the wide midfielder role like many of you do. But i still have some questions about it. To make things easier and aventurous to those of you who like a good team building thread, i'll just put all the info:

Team: Manchester United (Well, Martial had a crazy 190 PA regen, so...)

Expectation: Qualify for UCL, Reach UCL Quarter-final

Desired Formation: 4-1-4-1 with Possession Football

In advance: These [AU] duties just were there. Will probably be support, I guess?


For now, my main question is: How am i supposed to train my ML/MR players? If we were in FM14 i'm pretty sure i would be fine training the ML/MR positions and the role i wanted its stats to improve, but this is FM16 and it's crazy new training system we're talking about. I'm still at loss with this.

And then there's James Wilson in my squad, a wonderkid that is essentially a poacher (Well, he would be fit for a ramdeuter role, I guess). Can this guy be trained to play in ML/MR strata? Because i'm pretty sure he won't cut for the F9 role with his poor vision/teamwork. I've never trained players to play in positions they're not even unconvincing with.

And another one to those of you who used these tactics long-term: If the annual youth intake takes in consideration your tactics, how exactly do you get the proper prospects (For them to have the attributes you actually want, even if that means these won't be needed in their position)? Is there some kind of trick like switching your tactic's roles when the youth regen occurs?

Will update with signings soon. I'm not using any databases.

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Just gonna check James Wilsons Adaptability for you......Versitility even - set to 0 in the game database so how easy he can be trained - who knows.

He'll never cut it as a F9.

If it was me - I'd have an AP-S behind Rooney and drop the two CM's into DM roles - you could have Schneiderchops as DM-SUP and Swein as DLP-DEF or SUP - I worry about the gap between midfield and Rooney - even if he does come deep - the engine may say it doesn't like it, but it may work perfectly in practice - only one way to find out

As for the lower tempo issue - if you find yourself penned in at any point - you have to raise the tempo - it means your being pressed to easily because your moving the ball about to slowly - you'll give the ball away more but they'll be chasing shadows and with a bit of luck run outta legs b4 you do!

Good luck - just make sure you've got bodies in the box for the crosses coming in - changing it to a counter set-up for away games will be really easy as well.

I'll defo be watching to see how you get on.

If your really struggling I'll let you in on a little secret anyway - I went mad finding the perfect formation - literally the perfect formation for all circumstance - only one issue - it needs 12 players.

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Alright, thanks. I still have issues with training, though. How am I supposed to train the emulated IF/Raumdeuter players? Wide midfielders? Wide playmakers?Wingers? Just ML/MR positions?

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Just shift one of the ML/R guys up to AML/R, select the Role you want to replicate at ML/R and note down his Player Instructions. Simple as that. As far as training goes, just choose the ML/R Role whose attribute training closest fits the key attributes of the Role you want to replicate, or even just focus on on attribute at a time. As you're Man U, most players will already have a high spread of attributes, so training one attribute at a time might be wise.

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