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2010 European Cup Winners Inter Milan - Super Uber Defense

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This post is for those who like and want to build a solid defense not made out of pretty boys. Let's share our views.

I still can't forget the defensive prowess that the 2010 Inter Milan team was made of. Obviously it took a manager of the likes of Jose Murinho to overcome an over advertised corporate product like Barcelona. Football is true grit, ugly faces and big scarred bodies that play a huge part in the game.

I am now trying to emulate only the defensive part of that team. Obviously it will take a lot of doing to get players to that level.

I would like to know what do you guys look at for your CB'S AND WB'S. I have also added a link of the stats accumulated in that game. http://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/season=2010/matches/round=2000031/match=2000484/postmatch/statistics/index.html as you can see no matter how much of a good offense you might have it can all mean nothing if you don't get it right even with messi in your team.

And given that Italian soccer is not at it's highest compared to previous seasons. It's still paying dividends even when they come up with the likes of Barcelona and Bayern. What is it that makes Italian football so different defensive wise. I"m still amused even to the point of economical issues in todays teams they yet still pull up the numbers.


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Italian football is nowhere near as defensive minded as it once was, the declining ability of players in the league has been a key factor in the shift towards a more proactive attacking approach in Serie A.

If you're looking for a tactical discussion there is a dedicated forum that & you might want to post in there, do read the sticky threads before starting one of your own.


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