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[FM17] Colours of "Last 5 Games" Bars


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I really have a problem to see the differences between the match ratings of the "last 5 games" since the bars are all blue colored.

I saw a skin with different colours for different performances/ratings. I like this a lot, but I am very happy with the light standard skin, too.

So my question: Is it possible to keep the skin, but changing only colours for last 5 games ratings?

I was looking for an answer at this forum, but my english is not the best. Maybe I missed the right answer.

Sorry and thank you very much for you help. :cool:

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Change the RGB values of this code, which is located in the Settings file of your Skin folder.

<!-- (additional) stats colours. used on scout, confidence bars -->

<colour name="low stat" red="255" green="255" blue="255" />

<colour name="medium stat" red="255" green="255" blue="255" />

<colour name="good stat" red="255" green="255" blue="255" />

<colour name="excellent stat" red="255" green="255" blue="255" />

My bars are set to white, hence the "255" RGB values above. You can use whatever colour you like.

This does change all the other blue bars in the skin to white which I think looks better in comparison to the original colour.

If you need anymore info, check reply numbers #32 and #33 in this post


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Thanks a lot, gavo01! That is excactly the advice I was looking for. And it's so easy to change it. Works perfectly. With this very small detail, the lighter base skin is now perfect for me. By the way: I like it very much that all bars have more colours now. Not only the "5 last game" bars. Everything else is the same like basic. :-)

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well I was looking for exactly this and I certainly found a way and sharing this if not solved for you, just copy the above code after this code in Settings file in your skin folder (in my case this is fm17 base light skin)


<!-- attribute graph colours -->
  <colour name="graph line 11" value="blue 300"/>
  <colour name="graph line 12" value="cyan 300"/>
  <colour name="graph line 13" value="yellow 400"/>
  <colour name="graph line 14" value="orange 300"/>
  <colour name="graph line 15" value="deep orange 300"/>
  <colour name="graph line 16" value="brown 300"/>
  <colour name="graph line 17" value="grey 400"/>
  <colour name="graph line 18" value="blue grey 300"/>
  <colour name="graph line 19" value="indigo 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 20" value="amber 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 21" value="light green 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 22" value="red 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 23" value="purple 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 24" value="pink 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 25" value="deep purple 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 26" value="teal 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 27" value="green 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 28" value="lime 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 29" value="blue 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 30" value="cyan 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 31" value="yellow 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 32" value="orange 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 33" value="deep orange 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 34" value="brown 600"/>
  <colour name="graph line 35" value="grey 700"/>
  <colour name="graph line 36" value="blue grey 900"/>

you can put my colour scheme which you can modify later and you can get these schemes in skin-colour followed by ticking the advanced settings

 (additional) stats colours. used on scout, confidence bars 
<colour name="low stat" red="225" green="91" blue="73"/>
<colour name="medium stat" red="223" green="161" blue="57"/>
<colour name="good stat" red="69" green="149" blue="15"/>
<colour name="excellent stat" red="63" green="225" blue="37"/>

This was taken from the settings file of the legendary Virtex17 2.0, I just modified colour schemes so all the credit goes to him.

And this is how it looks.

Real Madrid Club de Futbol_ Players Players-6.png

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