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FM 2014 Match View settings


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First of all, these are all specific to FM 2014
1. When playing a match using 2D camera view, full-screen.. The match widgets like player behavior, player rating,  etc cannot be freely resized. I want to place the behavior one on either side of the screen (left and right) which is just a black panel right now. I can resize one (the home team one, I think) to fit that width but can't do the one for the other team. It just gets to a particular width and refuses to get thinner like the other one.
Is there a way to resize it with values instead? I can't find the file in the folder structure.

2. When using the 3D Elevated camera, once the ball is at either end of the pitch, I can't see the defense of the attacking team coz the camera pans like a speedometer. I tried zooming out as far as possible, but can only see both defences and all 22 players at the same time when the ball is in the center of the field. I'm thus forced to use the 2D match view. Is there any way to override the zoom setting limit and go even further, or to stop the camera panning left and right.

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In the (first one.png), you'd notice that the match widget at the left can't be resized any further to make it thinner but the one on the right is the size i want. It's the home team widget that can be resized to that smallest width, but not the away team widget. 

In the (third one.png), that's the elevated 3D match camera zoomed out to the farthest setting. If the play goes over to the left or right, the camera pans with it and then you can't see the defense or keeper on the other side of the pitch. Is there a way to make it just stay in the center like it is right there? Or stop the panning

first one.png

third one.png

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