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[Suggestion] Staff performance & Interaction


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As a manager your staff are very important to you, yet in FM they don't feel important at all. Many of them have little impact on the save and some do nothing at all. I would like to see some sort of staff performance, I know staff attributes can grow but even that is hidden. There's no way of telling when a staff member has improved. (Attribute changes should be visible on staff pages). There should be a page regarding staff performance under the staff tab. Say for example your coach is working really hard in training, putting in longer hours, improving their own ability and improving players then as a manager you should be able to see that and reward them. In contrast you should be able to see when a staff member isn't performing well; being lazy, leaving training early, not putting in 100% effort or falling out with players. Improving staff interacting would go along side my initial idea well, staff interacting should be improved. So regarding the staff performances you should be able to speak to individual staff members. Talk to them about things such as their performance, their contract, their ambitions, change of roles, even personally things. Praise them, give them advice or warn them about their job security. Build relationships with staff members so they actually feel important rather than just a role that can be replaced over and over.

Let me know what you think.

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Definitely an interesting point. At least showing attribute changes like you can see with players seems to be an easy first step. It's always a little confusing when I revisit my scouts and they have different CA/PA attributes than I remembered when I chose a mental pecking order for assignments.

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