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My Ultimate Team is doing horribly

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Using the editor  I made a club called Kingston FC (not  in Jamaica, in Tasmania) and put them into La Liga cause Hyundai has a salary maximum and I cant be stuffed editing it since its very complicated.

This is my formation:


               Ramos   Pique  Silva

                    Alonso  Toure


  Neymar           Messi            Rodden (a custom character with really good stats based off me)

               Ronaldo  Ibrahimovic

(The formation I said is mirrored to how it looks on the tactics screen.)

It's 3-2-5 Attacking.

Im training the team in match tactics, and atm we're about 50% familiar.

But in the match I'm in (a friendly), we're losing 2-1 to Trabzonspor, a really bad club.


How is this going wrong? Is there a chemistry sort of thing in FM16? What am I missing?



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Thanks guys.

40 minutes ago, FrazT said:

You cannot make any judgments about the team based on the first friendly, especially if the players have all been thrown together randomly.  Wait till the first few weeks of the season before jumping to any conclusions.

Ive had about 5, Im following the advice about preseason from someone on these forums to get players match fit and familiar with the tactics. I beat my Amatuer team 20-2 and U19 team 15-0, but the last three have been very poor.

29 minutes ago, HUNT3R said:

With a formation like that, you're going to leave the flanks wide open, so see if this is the issue.

I'll try that, scoring is quite easy on the counter attack, it's just possession that's the trouble. Neuer isn't doing amazing as a sweeper either, seems to just stay in goals.

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Well I just beat Barca 3-1 with next to no familiarity, although to be fair they don't have Neymar or Messi. This is my new formation:

                           Ibrahimovic     Ronaldo

            Neymar                  Messi                Rodden


                                    Alonso   Toure

               Alaba                  Boateng            Zabaleta


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General rule of the thumb, the more exotic/experimental your formation (and roles) the more likely a simple formational switch by any AI completely rips it apart. Not that they would spot such, but AI managers prefer different formations.

A back line of left back centre back right back for instance will face big problems as soon as it comes against an AI either starting with or switching to 3 central forwards. If you watch from overview, those happily sit into the two gigantic channels created in between those three. There's a reason such formations aren't edited/used by AI.




What you field on the tactics screen is pretty much the shape your team retreats to when your attacks break down / your team loses the ball. Therefore there is a lot of stuff possible that can be a tad risky, same as the no wide defender/wide midfielder setup above, with the only players "covering" the flanks being attacking MR/ML. No matter how good those players are, there is gaps in there that can be exploited by the poorest of sides.

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