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Youth team management


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So, I think this would be a great addition,

Being able to independently manage reserve and U18 club sides,

The leagues,Cups and even the youth champions league is in the game so already most of the way there! 

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I was thinking about this for while, as i like to manage at ''lowest career point'' .. but:

yesterday i look at Mr. Miles Jacobson account in Twitter, about the same idea, he is 100% against the idea, stating that it's ''incredibly dull'' .. because no transfers, no media, limited training, limited tactics as set by first team coach. which i fully agree.

but in the same time managing international youth teams isn't that funny.

I would say FM must improve in some areas, like detailed training, detailed camp (like Fifa Manager) .. before making youth teams available to manage. It would decent feature really for the future but probably not right now. and saying 'no transfer' in youth teams isn't realistic, because these teams add youth players for free during the whole year. 

but as i said, reserve football would be bad thing. Youths? May be.

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