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Tug's Training Complete: FM06-12

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Hi guys,

I've had a few requests lately for some of these schedules, as apparently my dusty old freewebs site from 2006 has finally faded away into internet obscurity. These schedules were fairly popular in their time, back when everything was controlled by sliders and Freddy Guarín was scoring thunderbastards from all over the park. Hopefully they can still be of use to those of you who still enjoy the older titles.

Included in the archive are all of the schedules that I created for each version of the game from FM06 up to and including FM12. This includes a range of positions, youth, part time and full time schedules. I don't remember exactly what schedules exist for each game and I don't intend to find out either, sorry.

Readme/Installation notes in the spoiler:


Welcome to the Tug's Training the Complete Edition.

These Schedules were made by me, Mark Tugwell, and may not be redistributed without my permission. You can get my permission via the email address below.

Please direct Feedback, Comments, Hate mail and death threats to marktugwell9@gmail.com

* * * * *

This pack contains schedules for the following versions of Football Manager.


Some of these schedules were never released officially onto the FM scene, but all were tested by me on each version in every single one
of my own save games over the years.


These Schedules are not a 'cheat schedule', they were utilised by myself to great success over a number of years, but went alongside
a whole host of different training variables. For example, I would always improve my coaching staff to the highest possible standard
for my teams budget/level.

These were also not exhaustive schedules. Sometimes if I had a player or regen who I felt needed specialist attention, I would create
a new schedule bespoke for each player and tweak the sliders to pay greater attention to that players weaknesses.

That being said these Schedules worked very well for me, consistently over a 7 year period. I hope that they may help you as much
as they did me.


There are schedules for the all of the main positions including:

Full Backs,
Fast Strikers
and Tall Strikers

Please note that there are no part time schedules, but there are Youth ones.


If you think you have a player who doesn't fit into any of the schedules, put him where your best judgment says you should put him.  
For example If you have a left back who likes to overlap the winger, you might prefer to train him as a midfielder or even a winger.  
Also, if your Attacking Midfielders play  as a No. 10, you might fancy training them as fast strikers.

It's fairly self explanatory :)


Occasionally, you may want to rest your players, perhaps nearer to the latter stages of the season.
Or sometimes just clicking down the training intensity a few pegs can help a bit. Remember to put them back up after your 
players are fresh.

* * * * * 


Download the files and then copy them to:

My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20XX\Schedules

-The 20XX refers to whichever version of FM you're playing. Simply drag the corresponding version from this RAR file into the correct
FM version folder.
-If you don't have a Schedules folder, simply create one.

When you're on the training screen ingame, click on Edit training, go to import, select the Training files and click OK. Repeat
for each individual schedule.

* * * * *

Enjoy, and Happy FMing.


I will attempt to answer any questions if you have any, although my FM time is sorely lacking these days and any knowledge I once had has all but left me. I just wanted to share these with you all for one last time.



Tugs Training Complete.rar

Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pgs7xcgteeibxal/Tugs Training Complete.rar?dl=0

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