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[FM17] Squad Depth Overview


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I also wanted that  to be horizontal, thanks for reminding.. I haven't still looked this area as am still building my skin, I will try out this tonight and play with some codes and see if I can make it horizontal, I will share it with ya.

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It's controlled by the 'team report squad depth overview panel' xml file located in the panels\team\  folder

Locate this load of code (its the second bit of pitch code in the file):

  <!--Vertical Pitch for Squad Depth-->
  <container class="scrolling_box" id="sdcv" hidden="false">
    <container class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/bordered/solid/paper" red_replacement="pitch_box_background" height="1466">
      <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top,horizontal" inset="66,0,0,0" layout_children="true" />

      <!-- Pitch -->
      <widget class="pitch_with_squad_depth" id="psdv" height="1400" vertical="
true" pitch_alignment="top,centre_x" pitch_draw_goals="true" pitch_draw_markings="true" show_position_strength="false" pitch_show_names="false" pitch_draw_grass="false" pitch_line_colour="faded white" pitch_touchline_width_percentage="1" pitch_perspective="0.0" pitch_override_icon_size="2" line_width="1.4" pitch_vertical_padding="0" disable_animations="true">

And to make it horizontal just change the vertical="true" bit to vertical="false" you can then play around with the other code to further customize if you wish.

Also be careful when messing around with that file, if you are in an active save game then SAVE YOUR GAME FIRST before editing the file, as the game tends to crash on that screen when you do something wrong instead of just not loading the panel.

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