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[FM16] - Boston United, the only way is up - Youth Challenge


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Boston United, once of the Football League, but were demoted 2 divisions as a result of unpaid tax. The following season they were placed into administration, leading to relegation to the Northern Premier League. In 2009 they won promotion back to the Conference North where they currently remain as one of the "It will be our year next year teams." 


The Challenge

With all senior players not brought through the Boston United Academy sold or released in pre-season, Boston United will now become a youth only team. The aim, to survive the first season, upgrade facilities and move slowly up the English League. Starting off with no coaching badges and sunday league reputation, the new manager Charles Benjamin will have his work cut out for him. A local lad, given the helm to guide the Pilgrims back to the promise land.

Boston United


The Team


Well, it looks good on paper with lots of stars but that's more down to the standard of players (or lack of), but we have some promising players to build the future around. Re-training of positions will be key and waiting for the next youth intake to come in gain some depth. It's going to be a hard slog this year. 

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A Youth Challenge really needs to start with the first youth intake, and we will get to the season nearer the end of the season!


Sam Unwin 16a - AMC/ST - Looks to be the most promising player to ever come through the academy, although at this point that's not exactly hard. With an incredible 14 finishing to go along with 13 pace, he should have the raw ability to go around non-league defenders and bag himself plenty of goals! With Flair at 15 and Teamwork at 16, the kid could be something special for Boston United.

Mark Moore 16b - MC/AMC - With 13 Vision and 14 Passing Mark looks like he could be handy in the midfield, looking to set up chances for the strike-force. However, his low work-rate, teamwork and tackling may see him never reach his full potential. 


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So, the first season is coming to an end, and what a ride it has been! Never a dull 0-0 in Bostons season! 2 games left to keep the season alive.


With Nuneaton treating Boston to a 5-3 thrashing, it would all come down to the last day of the season and a trip to Stalybridge, flying high in the league to secure another season in the Conference North. The game didn't start the way we planned going behind after 6 minute and it looked liked a long day ahead.


End of Season

Phew!!! We survived by the skin of our teeth, and a great performance on the final day of the season thanks to AMC/ST Charlie Haughton 15a. His two goals were the difference between 17th and a really uncomfortable last 20 minutes and a 19th place finish. The kids did ok, lots of mistakes and issues to fix, but they did good!




Final Stats for the Squad are here. Notable performances

AMC/ST Charlie Haughton 15a - Picked out at the start of the season as the player with most potential, he did not fail to live up to that. Chipping in 19 goals from mainly the AMC position, a team high 11 assists and his 7.68 average rating made him the obvious choice for Boston United player of the year and also won Divisional Player of the Year!

ST Cameron Johnson 15p - Not highly rated but lead the line for most of the season with 19 goals from 30 starts. Surpassed all expectations but may see less games next year with Sam Unwin 16a looking likely to be a star.

Gk Sam Vince 14b - Conceded 60 goals, but not all his fault. His development will be key for next season to lead a defense that may struggle to improve. 


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Interesting save.  I have always wanted to do a youth only save, but I am to impatient. 

Boston United would have been a choice as well as Billericay and Chelmsford.

All because the are names of Cities and Towns near me in New England.

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Season 2 - 2016/17

With Season 1 in the bag, season two should be easier, right? The aim will be to spend longer on the reports and pre/post season once I've had a few seasons completed and feel I have a squad that I can actually turn into a team likely to get promoted a couple of times. Expectations are a mid-table finish, but I would love to be pushing on a tip half finish but I feel that will be a struggle with the defense we have:

My Predicted Finish = 14th (+3 places)


Biggest news was with the sale of players, a few big friendlies and virtually all the players on youth/small part time contracts we raked the money in last season! Enough so that my request to improve the youth facilities were granted!



With no solid option for either Full Back and no-one particularly strong across the whole of the back 4, it's going to be another long season for our defense. I can see us struggling to contain the better teams in the league, and could be another season of needing to score 3 or 4 goals just to win the game. Upfront we have returning Vanarama North Player of the year Charlie Haughton returning in the AMC role, but with Sam Unwin looking to take the strikers role for himself. The midfield I'm happy with, lacking depth but if the starters stay healthy, we have solid players all over.



Promising that the board allowed me extra coaching members and currently have the best coaching in the league. Boy we need it with our young players! If they can't learn and develop, they just are not cut out for it.

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6 hours ago, TheNextScholesy said:

Love a youth only save! Definitely going to follow:D  


4 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

Interesting save.  I have always wanted to do a youth only save, but I am to impatient. 

Boston United would have been a choice as well as Billericay and Chelmsford.

All because the are names of Cities and Towns near me in New England.

Thanks for following! I remember doing a Boston game with signings and it's just a little too easy to climb up the leagues!

I have to admit, I don't usually have the patience as right now I need a couple of positions and its soooooo hard seeing quality players and not being able to sign them!

I (for my sins) only live about 20 minutes from Boston so was the obvious choice and their history the past 10 years is laughable!

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Youth Intake 2016

When you get down on your knees, and pray to the SI Gods to deliver at least one usable Fullback. And pray, and pray, and then pray some more!


And boy did the SI Gods deliver, instant starters (not that they had much to beat) with Sam Smith 17a and Ryan Skillen 17d. Charlie Bindley 17f might also be fighting for a starting role, but with our best player being on the right side of midfield, Ian Howarth 17b and Wes Highland 17c may have to re-train to other positions to see time on the field

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End of Season 2 

Media Predicition 22nd - My Prediction 14th - Actual Finish 13th - Table - Schedule


We managed to end the season on a high, the new youth intake TRANSFORMED the team (4 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses) since they joined the team, including a 2-1 win over 1st placed Nuneaton. The stability at the back was clear to see and finally looks like have a team to challenge the top half of the table!

Players - End of Season Awards

There are not enough words to describe what a player Charlie Haughton 15a is to the team. Winning a back-to-back Vanarama North (And Boston United) player of the year he raised the bar to another level. 38 games, 20 goals, 16 assists, 8 POM and and average rating of 7.85, WOW!  Sam Unwin 16a did not disappoint also, being lethal upfront banging in 31 goals in 37 games, missing out on the top goalscorer by 1 goal. He also ended up with 7 assists and 7 POM and these two seem to have found an unstobbale combination that was the most prolific in the league, with Boston banging in 83 goals (7 more than Nuneaton). Unfortunately, being 1st in scoring was wiped out by being 22nd in goals allowed, with 80 let in!



Caught up to where I am in the game! Season 3, and hopeful for a good season!


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Boston United - Season 3 - 2017/2018


Media Prediction - 22nd / Heart Prediction 5th / Head Prediction - 7th




Sam Vince 14b looks set to start his third season in the sticks for Boston United. With no real competition as Matt Gibbons 15n looks like he will struggle to every beat Sam out of the starting role. It may be ripe for Mark Troke 16p to step in as the number 2 with his higher potential in the future. It's unclear who is likely to progress the most at this stage, but unless a great youth prospect comes through, Sam will be the keeper for years to come.



This really was a position of need with 80 goals let in last season. Luckily with the latest group of youth, looks to have solidified the defense and have to look dramatically reduce goals allowed.

It looks like 2 16 year olds will start at fullback with Sam Smith 17a and Ryan Skillen 17d the best option at both positions. Ryan outplayed Sam at the end of last year so will be interesting to see who comes out on top this year. In the center it may be by committee unless 2 players cement their place. Even captain Eoin Mellows 15j is not safe, but looks likely to partner another new face in Charlie Bindley 17f. It looks unlikely that Matthew Wilkinson 15i will progress much more, giving others a chance to break into the team.



Darren Coleman 15b thankfully signed a new contract and is the pick of the bunch with a heavy bias on the right side of the field. If anyone can retrain, there may be an opening in the centre, with Wes Highland 16c looking the most likely. Sean Torr 15d will have to fight off Nathan Middleton 17g for his spot anchoring the midfield. Matthew Kamara 15c looks to have the left to himself as the only left sided player currently. Ian Howerth 17b looks to be an interesting prospect, but plays in the wrong position or would be a starter.



It really is the Charlie Haughton 15a and Sam Unwin 16a show for the AM and ST roles. Tom Blood 16f may get some time off the bench, but a better option will be Ian Howerth 17b. Unfortunately after his first season promise Cameron Johnson 15p hasn't improved and will struggle to see the field.


With a young but talented coaching staff, Benjamin has built himself one of the best coaching teams in the league.

Assistant Manager - Jamie Oliver - 30

After hanging up his boots Jamie is starting his career at Boston. With average man management but good judging ability/potential and some high level coaching skill, he fits the type of AM needed.

Head of Youth Development - Chris Hope - 44

Signed for this year, Chris brings valuable stats across the board. Has a good eye for talent, will bring in attacking wingers but importantly also has a Professional mentality.


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Boston United - Season 3 Half Season Report - 2017/2018

League - Results - Table

A run of 15 games unbeaten to start the season would see Boston United shock the footballing world as they looked more Barcelona then Boston. It would all come crashing down when injuries and fixtures built up with a good cup run, meaning only 7 points from 6 games left Boston in 3rd with Stockport and Bradford PA above them. With only one automatic promotion spot and still alive in 2 cups, surely securing a promotion place will be the best Boston can achieve.



Boston United are into the 3rd round of the FA Cup after twice taking a club in the division above to a replay, and twice taking the spoils. The 2nd round against Sutton United was a game to behold as Striker Sam Unwin 16a got his name on the scoresheet 4 times as Boston romped home! This has set up a 3rd round tie at home against Championship Huddersfield Town. Not the Premiership money spinner Boston were hopeful for, but a big name to hopefully fill out the stadium. Along with highest gate receipts  bringing in 50k, the prize money has really helped secure Boston's future and Benjamin will look to improve facilities at the end of the season.

Boston are also through to the Second Round of the FA Trophy with an away trip to Bromley.

New Contract

Taking full advantage when top of the league, Benjamin cheekily asked for a contract extension which was granted, giving some security for the next 2 years.


Top Performers


Striker Sam Unwin 16a has been scoring for fun, including twice scoring 4 goals in a game and has 22 league goals. Can he reach the 40 mark for the season?

AM Charlie Haughton 15a has continued to be a threat, with an 8.01 aveerage rating, 13 goals and 11 assists to his name.

DR Ryan Skillen 17d has proved wise beyond his years as he has cemented his place in the team and chipped in with 7 assists.

Star player AMR Darren Coleman 15b is finally looking to be a threat as he has a 7.69 rating, 8 goals and 9 assists. Finally playing up to his ability.

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Boston United - End of Season 3 - 2017/2018



Media Prediction - 22nd / Heart Prediction 5th / Head Prediction - 7th - Final Position - 1st Promoted

Table - Schedule - Best Eleven - No Transfers - Youth Intake 

Once we got the cup run out the way, we ended the season on a roll and with Stockport having a dreadful run themselves we were able to take the top spot late on in the season and never give it back. The crunch game was 3 games from the end when Boston and Stockport faced off in a winner takes all game. Stockport would however earn promotion through the playoffs!



Season Overview


Youth / Facilities

The youth intake was that poor I can't even think of a thing to say about it. Can't see anyone ever getting a first team game apart from the GK if we get an injury!


Overall Best 11

WIth 3 years of games I feel its a good time to update.


Final Thoughts

THRILLED to get promotion, I was getting ready to fight my way in the playoffs and probably one more year for promotion. The cup run really helped our finances and enabled us to upgrade our youth facilities again, which will hopefully pay off as we need a much better intake then this year. Non of the players think we can stay up next year so it could be a bitter fight to the end! The board rejected any more spending on training facilities but hopefully we can work on them again in 6 months time.

Can we stay up? I think yes, but the players are going to have to improve. With no-one else on the fringes, it will be a pretty much unchanged line-up for next year. 


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Sorry for the lack of a preview for the 2018/19 Season. The team was exactly the same as the previous season due to the poor youth intake and I just got into playing and before I knew it, half the season was gone! My aim for the season was to just stay up, but after 10 games I was confident that survival was going to happen and I could concentrate on the cups. Playing a fully rotated squad for any game that was close to a cup game, enabled me a full strength team for cup games with the hope of progressing in competitions and earning some prize money/gate money to improve the youth facilities again.

Boston United - End of Season 4 - 2018/2019


Media Prediction - 24th / My Predication -18th / Final Position - 12th

Table - Schedule 1 / 2 - Season Positions - Player Stats - Best Eleven - Overall 11 -  No Transfers - Youth Intake



What a season, predicted to have no chance we ended the season bang in the middle of the table. The gulf in class between the teams at the top and bottom were clear as we suffered some horrific defeats (several games at 5-2 and 4-1) which showed how far we need to improve. We did get some good wins but very few points against teams in the top 8. But any season you are predicted to go down and end up very safe is a great season, and one we can try and improve on next year.

FA Trophy

Final Match Stats - Schedule - Overview

We only bloody went an won our first trophy in a very unexpected victory over Grimsby in the final. An all Lincolnshire final brought the crowds to Wembley as Boston went 2-0 ahead before Grimsby battered the Boston goal with 12 shots in the last ten minutes. A few tense moments where they looked like they would get the equalizer before the Ref brought play to a close and Boston had done it! The resting players had worked, keeping the first team players fresh and ready sealed the underdog win!



Youth Intake

After last years poor intake we needed a few players who could soon be playing for the first team this time around. We ended up with 4 players who look like they have potential to break into the first team, with 2 of them being defenders. The most promising talent looks to be Simon Arrowsmith 19a who could walk right into the first team, and hopefully leads the team for years to come. Simon Donnelly 19b unfortunately plays left back which is a position of strength, he can play centre back also so will be fully focused on training him for there.



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Boston United - Season 5 - 2019/2020


Media Prediction - 24th / My Predication - 5th 

Laughing all the way to the bank with the media prediction of 24th, did they not see us last year? I guess our squad doesn't look that good on paper but with the boys having years playing along side each other, chemistry and tactical knowledge are high. I think we can push forward for a play-off spot!

The greatest gift they could give me - Professional Status

After asking on a regular basic and being told they did not trust me enough, the teams performance last season must have shown the board we had the ability to go professional! With the best coaching in the division, signing everyone to a full time contract was vital and hopefully the extra training will help the players progress quicker.


The second greatest gift - A new 3 year deal

Putting their faith in me, now I have to deliver!




Won't be many surprises with the squad this year. Sam Vince 14a has the #1 jersey and should reach 200 games for the club. Ryan Skillen 17d and Sam Smith 17a are two of the best players in the team and will take the full back slots. In the middle it really is open to who plays alongside Simon Arrowsmith 19a.

in the middle of the park all is really to play for and we could do with a central midfielder in the next youth intake. Darren Coleman 15b and recently trained for the attacking left position Ian Howarth 17b provide the width. Club legend Charlie Haughton 15a continues to play in behind the striker who he teams up so well with, Sam Unwin 16a. Keeping the team together will be the main aim for the year, securing long term deals and trying not to lose starters!

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Well, long time now post! Life, as it often does gets in the way! I'm not sure this laptop will handle FM18 but due to buy a new one later on in the year so may now wait for 19 and keep this game ticking over. I completed this season but never got to finish the write up, so off we go to back track and get up to date!

Boston United - End of Season 5 - 2019/2020


Media Prediction - 24th / My Predication -5th / Final Position - 1st

Table - Schedule 1 / 2 - Season Positions - Player Stats - Best Eleven - Overall 11 -  No Transfers - Youth Intake



Well, once again they didn't fancy us and once again we proved to be much better then everyone expected as we dominated from early on the season and looked to be heading to an easy title. However, 7 defeats from the last 12 games and only 11 points in that period saw Boston United needing to gain points on the final day of the season to secure the title. It would have been a cruel way to lose the title after leading for so long, but a 2-2 draw was enough to win the title by 1 point. What happened to see the team collapse like that, and will it come back to bite them next season?

Sam Unwin 16a also had an impressive season to secure top goalscorer.


FA Trophy

Schedule / Stats

For the second season, Boston fans have celebrated success in the FA Trophy with an impressive run which saw them take on Northampton in the final and come away once again as Champions. Despite only 4 shots on target to Northampton's 22, the Pilgrims made them count as they converted 75% of their shots to goals. 



Youth Intake

We look like there could be a couple of midfielders who could become useful in this years intake and we may finally have a goalkeeper who can challenge one of the teams longest serving players in Karl Sutton 20c. It has yet to be seen if any of the players can step into a starting role, especially moving up to League 2.



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Boston United - Season 6 - 2020/2021 - Sky Bet League 2


Media Prediction - 24th / My Predication - 20th 

5 seasons to move rightfully back into the Football league has an air of excitement buzzing around Boston as they look to do the impossible and fight bravely against relegation, although not many give them a chance. It's going to be a tough year but we just have to get enough points to survive and see where the dust settles in the next few seasons.



Sam Vince 14c, who has over 200 caps for the Pilgrims looks to have a battle on his hand with Karl Sutton 20c from the latest batch of youth. Karl might be the one for the future but Sam will not let his #1 jersey go without a fight and this year especially, experience might win over youth and future prospects.


The starting 4 will not take a rocket scientist to work out, but any injuries or suspensions may have a big impact on the team. Lacking depth, this unit will be key to survival this season and will have to play out of their skin for the team.


With nearly all the players being very attack minded, Shaun Torr 15d may have to provide that anchor for the onslaught they Boston will face this season. Darren Coleman 15b is the star of the midfield and will need to chip in both assists and goals for the Pilgrims this season. Sam Unwin 16a will play up front also.


Charlie Haughton 15a will play both up front and in the attacking midfield slot. Not much depth may lead Boston to play only 1 striker.

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