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[FM18] - Greyhounders? Sounds more like a sprint than a marathon... Level 13 to Premiership youth challenge.


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After being inspired by some lower level saves, I fancied my own one to go along side my Fort William save. That has got to a real interesting point where I want to enjoy that at a slower pace and this will be a flat out slog, especially seems my laptop may not last too much longer. So, on my search for a lower level team (Level 13 to be exact), I happened to fall on.....

GREYHOUNDERS - Nottingham Senior League Division 2 



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2017/2018  Greyhounders Squad

All 16 year old's to replicate a "youth" intake with all the senior team being released. Couple of players better than the rest but how good are they really? Maybe they can kick a ball straight, although the lack of an out and out striker is worrying! Liam Lawrence 1a is our "best" player.



I shall be making my own tactics, trying to use what players I have and changing to suit! Will tend to stick to 4-4-2 / 3-5-2 / 4-1-3-2 and here is the tactic for season 1, very simple but with these players, it needs to be!



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Season 1 2017/18 - Nottingham Senior League Division Two - August & September

Our loyal followers (The twenty people and their dogs probably) have been treated to some glorious football, 13 goals and 11 conceded in 5 games. Thrilling is not often a word used at this level, but the heart-breaking 4-5 loss to Sneinton Town in injury time was a tough pill to swallow. Strangely enough, 0 points at home and 9 on the road, wonder how long that keeps up for?

The brightest spark might just be Ian Lumsden who keeps popping up with goals from center midfield whilst striker Daniel Morrison has started to find his feet.


That puts us about slap bang in the middle of the league, right where we expected to be! The board want middle of the road, and that's probably all they will get this season with players getting injured and playing whatever position they want....


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Season 1 2017/18 - Nottingham Senior League Division Two - October

Another up and down month with a high of 4th, but ended exactly where started in 7th. Still some exciting games happening and both losses were against top 6 opposition. We are not far away and should be comfortably top 10 by the end of the season. Daniel Morrison is showing his skills with 4 more goals to lead the team and scoring charts. Another solid, if not spectacular month.


Bingham Town Reserves might just be too good for the rest of the teams here with their early lead, but it's tight behind them with 2nd to 11th not separated by many points and a run either way will see teams move up/down quickly.


On the plus side, we are making some money! Those cake bake and raffles each match day must be beneficial!



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Season 1 2017/18 - Nottingham Senior League Division Two - November

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, as a 97th minute own goal and a 91st minute winner proves. Two extra time goals adds an extra 4 points to the total and that see's the Greyhounders flying high in the table with 10 points from 12 in November. Apart from the 5-1 demolition of Kirton Brickworks Reserves, all the other games are really best left as "lucky" and we did well to get what we did! Still, I'll take that every day of the week.


Top 3 go up in this league, so to be up there at any stage of the season is well received!


And finally, a record that might take some years to be broken after Nathan Livermore scored 4 in one game! 


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