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Unable to re-download FM Touch 2017 - paid for

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I purchased FM 17 for my Ipad some time ago, however it is not currently downloaded to my Ipad.

I want to play it again but can't download it anymore due to it not being offered on ITunes anymore due to licensing reasons.

As a result I feel like I've been robbed of £19.99 - surely there should be a way to get this on my Ipad if I've paid for it?

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6 minutes ago, Tridie2000 said:

You can still download it. On your iPad, open the App Store app. Next, tap on your profile picture and then tap on purchases. Now you should be able to search all the apps and games you have purchased in the past.

You can do that up for a time but I can't remember what the rules / conditions are -- I've got loads of apps I can no longer download for example, including old FMM/FMH titles. 

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