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Knap - FM24 and FM23 FM22_FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Tactic List

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5 hours ago, Danm2301 said:

Glad it’s not just me 😅🙈

You're not alone!! Everyone's struggling. 


This year there is not a plug and play best tactic IMO, you have to change things to suit what youve got. Whether that means training player traits, buying players with good attributes or finding a tactic that fits your team. 


Knaps tactics all work with the right personnel, finding the right personnel is our job :)  


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@knapHey knap, how am I supposed to pick the right tactics for my save(s)?

I usually take a look at my squad and then decide what Formation suits best. Afterwards I take a look at your GoogleSheets, sort by formation and pick the one with the highest points.

I kind of get confused by reading your recommandations like „KASHMIR Arsenal92P“. What should I look out for when choosing a tactic? 

Right now I am managing Hannover in german 2nd league and go with ECHOES 451 P108 CC and ECHOES 451 IF P104 EC FA (away games). Decent Team for 2nd league, Underdog if promoted to Bundesliga.

thanks for your help and keep up the good work! :) 

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Good way of picking a tactic.

Docs is mostly based on Lpool results, however I do set up with other teams. The results with other teams will be lower and P99 with Arsenal is high

I also know with that tactic the performance with a CA 160 Test league, so slightly different to the other Lpool tactics.

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@knap Hey knap, thanks for your quick replies. One more question: I take a look at ECHOES 451 IF  P104 EC FA  and ECHOES 451 P108 CC. In the first tactics the lineup is with Salah + Mané + Firmino up front, Thiago + Hendo + Ox playing in the Center. That is a lineup many could understand. In the second tactics there is Salah playing as DLP and Firmino as MEZ with Minamino and Ox on the wings and Mané up front.

Could you please explain, why there are the different lineups and what that´s supposed to tell me about the tactics ?

Thank you !

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I have run a lower league test but in previous patch. However, because FMT is not available every test takes longer unless I use scorched earth tests, which would not be available for long lower league tests.

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Am 15.12.2021 um 02:29 schrieb knap:



I used to have a look at your spreadsheet and look for the tactics with the best rating. And usually I am having great results with it. But most of the time I am playing formations that I do not really like. When I saw @fehleinkaufs information about how he chooses a tactic from the spreadsheet, I began questioning my tactical choice. A few times I had my AM quickpick my team and I saw, that he had put one of my more offensive players in the DC area (I am in the year 2037, so not uncommon for Regens). And I thought he would be a great libero. You know, just like the guys in the 90's (hello Matthäus!)

So I had a look at the spreadsheet and found this symmetric beauty of a tactic. How sexy that is! Yes, it's 2037 but I have only been managing Madrid for 4 years, had to get rid of lots of debts and improving a mediocre team. I love the football. I love the setup. I love the play. Feel encouraged to not only pick the best tactics, but try something else if you feel like it. Even if it is not one of the best tactics in the spreadsheet, you could still overperform heavy.




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9 hours ago, knap said:

Hey Knap,

Is this one not just Blue - ZaZ?

Also, the Arsenal P99 433 got me wins as Spurs against Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea & PSG, however I lost to Burnley, Newcastle and Everton. Any idea why this is? It's almost like it's only good against good teams, and against lower rated opposition, just doesn't work at all.



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Preaching Blues L Vercetti Tweak. 

The DM has been changed to Defend to help solidity and not leave as open for counters, few PIs changed and the crossing. 

How To Use This Tactic:
The most important roles are the two MEZ, they will dribble and push wide to create space for the Inverted Wingers to move into the half-space. Wingbacks need to be attacking, they will get up the pitch providing crosses for the 5 forward players. Very often the both Mezallas, wingers and the forward will be in the box. The DM will sit further back and be able to mop up any quick counterattacks. CBs with good heading is also desirable. 

If you are winning the game, at 65mins (when I normally make my first sub) you can move the mentality down to Positive or even Cautious to help protect the lead and conserve some stamina. At 80/85 mins if winning you can switch to the SUS tactic and make some more defensive subs. I personally would not use this any earlier as you are inviting pressure and that's not good for a longer period of time. 

Buy players with good Decisions!! This year player recruitment seems to be more important, players with good Decisions, Workrate and Stamina can pull you through tight games. I have also included an "ideal traits" list for each position. This is not exact, there are definitely others that could work but will give you a good idea. If you can find players with these traits already then even better, if not just train them. 

Try and avoid players who have contradictory traits. For example, an inverted winger with "Hugs Line" is conflicting with the instructions "Cut inside" This will be shown if you load your team into the tactic page this will come up in a warning sign. You can untrain traits however this takes a while so I just try and avoid it. 




Teams Who Suit this tactic
Teams who use a 451/4231 in real life. Arsenal/City/Palace/West Ham. 
Teams with a strong set of attacking mids. 
Teams with funds to buy the above-desired players. 

I have tested this both with Holiday test and playing the games shown. Playing the games yields better results as you can manage the game better however an array of teams have overperformed with just the AM in charge. 





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