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Knap - FM24 and FM23 FM22_FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Tactic List

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3 minutos atrás, knap disse:


The problem with this and the DMs is it does not appear to be officially disclosed. You can pick it up on various ME threads.

Defensivly, tct you made and i tweaked just a bit, i reckon it works ok... having sayd that, i have a superteam... seems apparent roles are not yet perfected in the ME, but im pretty sure mentality isnt either... AI changes approach and if you don counter-act... you are done for ...

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ME 22.4

HGF 4123 AF F9 AF P102 EC P308

ME22.4HGFnap4123VO2P102ECAFF9AFP308.fmf46.78 kB · 87 downloads



Using this tactic for a newly promoted Blackburn cruised thruogh the Championship and the prem is going well except against the big 6 away im getting thumped 6-0 the latest result.

I have tried playing with mentality pre and during game not working at all if anything it makes it morse just wondering is ther any tactic you would recommend for the big 6 away?

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1 hour ago, baller94 said:

Any success with a pressing forward so far? Trying to move away from advanced or complete forward.

After the removal of "run forward" PI for forwards, only AF and F9 are usable imho.

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@knap I'm currently using your 352 f9 with pretty good success, but I was wondering if it's possible to change the f9 to another role without ruining the tactic because I don't really have the players fit for that role. 


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42 minutes ago, knap said:


Are the players ding OK in that position and are results going your way

I kinda feel that I'm winning in spite of the f9 and his ratings not that good. My other strikers are more fit to play pressing forward.

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