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Knap - FM24 and FM23 FM22_FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Tactic List

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34 minutes ago, lo1313 said:

@kandersson which tactic is that (there are 2 HGF 4231 DM in the excel of Knap)? Tactic looks OP :)

HGF 4231 DM VA P101 FA CC

Very dominating at home though it can be a bit inconsistent away, which is expected if you play on Very Attacking as a newly promoted side but I just like the risk and the goals :D

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I don't recommend changing SPs unless you see a problem, as they are set to work with tactic.

Away games I would use 451 and drop mentality if necessary.

Possible to use low or mid block but also need to use trigger press

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HGF 4231 DM VA P101 FA CC with newly promoted Manaus in Brazilian second division (predicted 15th):


Bossed the league with amazing home form and tons of goals scored, the few losses were all away and surprisingly heavy (including a 0-6 in brazilian cup against Serie A winner Flamengo) though all in all it was another dominating and overachieving season. The return of Paulo Vyctor :D


135 goals in 57 apps! Don't mind the 70 goals in the weak Amazonense, 56 goals in Serie B were the real deal.


The old Paulo & Diego connection! Stats are obviously inflated by the Amazonense league but are impressive nonetheless. Very Attacking might not be the wisest mentality for away matches especially against bigger sides in Serie A so will probably switch to something less extreme next season.

@knapyou think Attacking mentality is more effective than VA this year? I'd like to stick to a 4231 as I feel AMC and IF's are much better than in FM22.

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Hello @knap first of all I would like to say you thanks for your hard work! 

I'm Using HGF 4231 Attack P101 and I'm having great results with A.S Roma. At the end of the season I will share my results.

My question Here is regarding Training schedules. I saw EBTS work and seems great but unfortunately we still don't know if can be valid for FM2023. So i decided to apply Cadoni Training but many of my players are unhappy.

What would you do? Continue with Cadoni or switch to EBTS?

Thanks for your time,



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1 hour ago, knap said:


VA Tactics are not working as we with MC compared to last year. I also tend to make the normal tactics and then try VA, so maybe too early in process

VA worked very well for me at home though away felt a bit hit or miss and generally less dominating than VA in FM22. I'll try Attacking next season, would you suggest changing mentality on the same 4231 DM or should I use the already tested HGF 4231 Attack P101 ALL CUPS?

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I've replicated many tactics from last year, if you used one of those.

Overall I still prefer 451 being the most solid and best balanced

With 4231 you can play double pivot DM or the more attacking version

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