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(FM19) - My Random Unemployed Save


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Hello everyone.

Its now time to start off my Unemployed challenge where i have loaded some of the top leagues in Europe and hence the title started "Unemployed".This will give me a bit of randomness as to where i end up managing.Im going to keep this pretty short and simple so here are the leagues loaded below..


As you can see i have kept the game fairly decent with not too many leagues loaded up,only the leagues where i feel relevant to playing in really.Also loaded in top division players from South America and Africa due to maybe finding some young prospect players.Player count is around 40,000

I'll try and update this as and where i can so lets get this started up.


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Available Jobs


Not a lot to choose from so far from what i see,my preferred place would probably be in Germany with Fortuna Koln and possibly Macclesfield,none of the others really inerest me with the exception of the Argentinian national job which is highly unlikely given my starting rep as National footballer.

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So after both Macclesfield and Fortuna Koln approched me i decided to goto Germany.A nation that i have never managed in any edition of FM so lets see how it all goes.


First job was to get rid of the current asst manager - i will be bringing my own team in.

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19 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

Good Luck! I'm surprised the FC United job didn't show up.

It's who I started with in the beta.

Yeh wondered that myself actually as FC united actually showed up a few times whilst BETA testing,is what it is i guess..

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The Club

So as we said earlier Fortuna Koln had approached me and i took the job and heres a brief history of the club below.It seems that they have been in the lower reaches of German football for some time and its my job to change that,although i have been told by the board that i will be dismissed if relegated.

Main rivals are Koln who play in the 2.Bundesliga,as well as Dusseldorf and Essen.

The Stadium


The team plays at the "Sudstadion" which was built in 1979 with a capacity of 14,944,a bit of an open looking stadium.

The Manager


Davie Macgregor from Glasgow is the man at the helm at Fortuna Koln,he will be hoping to get the club back on track.

Maybe should remember that if the career starts hitting the skids i'll get this on the go :D :D 


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Fortuna Koln Season Preview 2018/19

Board Expectations

3.Liga - Achieve a respectable mid table finish in the league

Cup Competitions - None participated


Transfer Budget - £0

Wage Budget - £35,605 (Currently Spending £32,265) *Edit after a board request they have gave me an extra £10k wage budget!!

Current Balance


Key Players





It seems that i will have to be building a formation that fits in with these guys as money is scarce and we will have to work with what we have currently at the club,Hopefully some players can be moved on out the club to release some funds!!

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Hartmann is a good choice to use as a target man. He is a veteran striker with lots of experience under his belt. Could become the decisive player of this year´s campaign and turn Fortunas fortunes (sorry I had to )..

I wonder how your tactics will look like.

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Main Tactic for the season


Ive decided to use something along the lines of this for pre season and we will see how it goes as up front we have Exslager and Pintol both out for 6mnths with injuries leaving me really only with Hartmann.

The slots i will be looking to fill as a matter of urgency will be Left Back,Inside Forward and goalkeeper.Most likely loanees and frees will be sought after.

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