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Diary of a FM2005 Manager


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This is my first attempt at a story.

I have decided to write it in the style of a diary. I hope to capture all the decisions that we as FM2005 managers make throughout the game, adding a bit of fantasy thought as and where required. Dates shown are as they happen in the game.

The team I have chosen is Carshalton Athletic, for the simple reason they are the closest club to me in the game, apart from Tooting and Mitcham, and I cant be bothered to edit them into the Conference South.

My last effort with Carshalton left me facing the dole queue in 2005/06 season, so don’t expect a meteoric rise to the premiership.

I hope you enjoy my story, and all feedback, both positive and negative will be most welcome.

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This is my first attempt at a story.

I have decided to write it in the style of a diary. I hope to capture all the decisions that we as FM2005 managers make throughout the game, adding a bit of fantasy thought as and where required. Dates shown are as they happen in the game.

The team I have chosen is Carshalton Athletic, for the simple reason they are the closest club to me in the game, apart from Tooting and Mitcham, and I cant be bothered to edit them into the Conference South.

My last effort with Carshalton left me facing the dole queue in 2005/06 season, so don’t expect a meteoric rise to the premiership.

I hope you enjoy my story, and all feedback, both positive and negative will be most welcome.

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11th July 2004

At 11am I was unveiled as the new manager of Carshalton Athletic F.C. The local media had gathered, and our Chairman, Steve Friend, introduced me to them. Steve was very complimentary about me, and stated he was looking forward to a very successful period under my management, and had every faith in my abilities.

I thanked Steve for his kind words, and the opportunity to wet my feet in management with Carshalton Athletic. I stated to the press that I was extremely ambitious, but realistic in my projection for promotion to the Conference National division within the next 3 seasons.

I then took a range of questions from the local reporters:

Q: What do you think of the quality of the squad you have inherited?.

A: I haven’t as yet had the opportunity to evaluate the squad. This is my first day here. In the afternoon, I hope to be sitting down with George Wakeling, my assistant, to assess the squad as it stands, and look at areas that we may need to strengthen.

Q: Have you had a chance to meet with the players yet, and if so how have they reacted to your appointment?

A: Nope, I haven’t met up with the squad as yet. We will meet up tomorrow, on Monday morning, when I take my first training session. I will be speaking with them all at that stage, and outlining my thoughts and plans. I'd like to state that everyone will start with a clean slate.

Q: As I understand it, you haven’t got any money for buying players. Is that going to be a hindrance?.

A: No, not at all. Where needed, I will be looking at the free transfer market, and loan deals. It might be that I don’t need to bring anyone in. we will just have to see.

Q: As I am sure you are aware, Sutton United are Carshalton’s archenemies. Have you got a message for their manager Mr Rains?.

A: No I haven’t. I prefer to concentrate on my team not on somebody else’s

With that Steve ended the press conference, and showed me through to my office. Waiting for me was George. We had a brief chat, went and got some lunch, and then got down to the serious business of looking at our current squad:

Stuart Searle, Age 25, Goalkeeper: Decent reflexes and handling. Good at one on ones. First choice keeper at this stage, but will probably be on the look out for someone better.

Paul Borg, Age 22, Goalkeeper: Brave and agile, but doesn’t have the core abilities to make the grade. Will be transferred when better quality is in place.

Ricky Bell, Age 21, Goalkeeper: Pure rubbish. Already on the transfer list and will stay that way.

Colin Hartburn, Age 19, Right Back: Young player with good pace and acceleration. Defensive attributes leave a lot to be desired but will see how he develops over the season.

Aaron Cole-Bolt, Age 20, Left Back: Again young with good pace and acceleration. Has the advantage of good tackling. May get the nod in the 1st team.

Matt York, Age 25, Left Back: Good physical attributes but lacking in defensive qualities. On the transfer list and will stay there.

Mark Costello, Age 32, Central Defender: Reasonable defensive qualities but not the quickest around. Age is against him but with little cover at centre back at this time will remain on the books – for now!.

Ellis Hooper, Age 18, Central Defender: Excellent tackling and marking attributes. Time on his side. Hopefully a star of the future, and a definite 1st team starter.

Gary Elliott, Age 30, Central Defender: Good tackling and marking. Fairly quick. Will partner Ellis at the back.

Peter Wood, Age 30, Left Back or Defensive Left Midfielder: Fairly good all round stats. Not exceptional anywhere, but not useless. Will compete with Aaron for the left back role.

John Hamsher, Age 26, Right Back or Right sided Midfielder: On £500 a week but appears to be worth every penny. Takes a penalty as good as anyone in the game. Is extremely determined and composed. Will start at right midfield.

Tim Murdoch, Age 19, Central Defensive Midfielder: Very creative and excellent passer. Could be a starter.

Des Boateng, Age 24, Right sided Midfielder: Fairly good passer but that about it. Surplus to requirements. Listed.

Tutu Henriques, Age 22, Right sided Midfielder: Again not a bad passer of the ball, and adequate stats at crossing and dribbling. Fairly quick. Due to an excess of right-sided midfielders will be listed, but looking for 2k to part with him.

Danny Carroll, Age 28, Right or Central Midfielder: Good physical and mental attributes. Not so good on the technical side. Will remain on the books for his versatility.

Neil Le Bihan, Age 28, Left or Central Midfielder: Dead ball specialist. Quick, alert and likes to run with the ball. First team starter.

Dale Marvel, Age 18, Central Midfielder: Another good youngster. Good passing but may not get him in the first team straight away. Hopefully he will develop into a quality player.

Mark Hawthorne, Age 30, Central Midfielder: Has some good qualities but most are awful. Listed.

Sam Saunders, Age 20, Attacking Right sided Midfielder: Good pace, acceleration, crossing, and dribbling. Good cover for Hamsher.

Marlon Patterson, Age 21, Attacking Left sided Midfielder: Good pace and acceleration. Has a decent first touch but lacking in other areas. Will stay for now until a decent replacement is found.

Adrian Stone, Age 24, Striker: Good finishing and heading. Moves like a snail. Back up striker.

Kevin Lock, Age 22, Striker: Not quick, can’t finish. £200 per week. Listed!.

Nic McDonnell, Age 23, Striker: Good anticipation, fairly quick. Finishing average. Pushing for a starting place.

Kevin Cooper, Age 29, Striker: Can finish, is quite quick, and has good off the ball stats. Will start.

Conrad Kane, Age 40, Striker: Old father time has run his course. Still quite pacey but listed!.

Goalkeeping summary: Will need to get in a decent keeper at some point. Noted as a weak area of the squad.

Defensive summary: OK at left and right back, but with only three central defenders there isn’t enough cover. Urgently need one more Centre Back, Maybe two.

Midfield summary: Plenty of options on the right side, not enough quality in the middle, and limited options on the left. Need a quality midfielder who can play both left and central.

Attacking summary: Out of 5 choices only one is a definite starter. Two are listed and the other two are only back up quality. In desperate need of some more fire power.

I decided to tell my scout, Nick Brian, to start looking for quality players in England that wont cost us anything (easy task then!!). In addition I asked George to give me a list of players available on loan that might be interested in coming to the War Memorial Ground. From those I submitted bids on the following players:

Adam Birchall, Age 19, Striker: Listed for loan by Arsenal. Has Superb Finishing, is pacey, and is a Wales U21 International.

Lewis Buxton, Age 20, Central Defender: Lewis is listed for loan by Portsmouth. Great all round Defender, and quick with it.

Wayne Henderson, Age 20, Goalkeeper: Aston Villa reserve keeper, with great attributes.

The final act of the day was to have a look at the scheduled friendlies. I didn’t want too many

Matches, as the squad was quite thin, and I didn’t want to tire them out. I cancelled friendlies against Oldham, Dagenham and Redbridge, and Grantham. This left pre season games with Rushden (H) on 18/07/04, Hinckley (A) on 24/07/04, and Droylsden (A), on 03/08/04.

After an exhausting, demanding, and thoroughly busy day it was off to bed, as I had to be up early tomorrow to sort out my pre season training regime, prior to the first day of training. How had the first day gone I asked myself?. Not bad I thought. Not bad at all.

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12th July 2004

I drove in to the training ground at 7am. This gave me a couple of hours to sort out a regime for the week. The guys were lacking in fitness and conditioning and as such I wanted to concentrate on the physical side of things for a while. I had just over a month to go before the first league game of the season, so I figured if we concentrated on stamina and fitness training for the first two weeks, I could then change to incorporate technique and tactical training in the next two weeks. The keepers may only need a week of fitness training, but I would re assess that later.

I also took a look at the staff at my disposal, and came to the conclusion that we didn’t have anywhere near enough staff. George, bless him, was no where near good enough to be my assistant, so I set about letting the job centre know I was after an Assistant Manager, 3 Coach’s (one of whom must be a keeper Coach specialist), 2 Scout’s, and another Physio. The Job Centre said they would circulate the details, and come back to me with interested applicants within due course.

After training I was notified that Bournemouth and Worksop had put an offer in to loan Wayne Henderson. I was confident that he would choose us before Worksop, but was a little concerned that Bournemouth might be a more attractive proposition for him.

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14th July 2004

I received notification that Arsenal, Portsmouth, and Villa had accepted my proposals for the loan of their players.

Checking on the training, George stated that a few of the players were responding well, but the majority were being overworked. As such, I decided to put more emphasis on the defensive side of training, and give the goalkeepers their own schedule.

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thanks for the advice peacemaker. I meant to post the squad details with names in bold, but when i copied it from my word doc it didnt copy through the bold. Will certainly try to use it in the future.

15th July 2004

I got a call from Nick Bryan, our scout. He had watched AFC Wimbledon’s Keeper Matt Martin, and was impressed with him. After looking at his stats I concluded that although Bryan wasn’t of top quality, he was a reasonable back up. I advised Nick I would put the player on my shortlist, but wasn’t going to make any immediate bid, as I was waiting to see if Henderson was coming to us.

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16th July 2004

Redbridge came in for Ricky Bell. They weren’t offering anything for him, but said they would give 20% of the value of the next sale of him back to me. I accepted the offer, and then broke the news to Ricky.

17th July 2004

Runcorn were also chasing Adam Birchall. I was advised that they had put a loan offer in. I really need that player I thought. Will I get him?.

Checking through the training with George, I am pleased to note that most of the players were now responding well to training. There were a few lazy buggers but they seemed to be the ones who were on the transfer list. Probably a bit upset at being listed I guess!.

Late in the day, I get a call from Cirencester. They are also interested in Bell[b/], and want to know how much I want for him. I tell them that I’m happy to let him go on a free, but want 25% of his next sale value.

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Cheers Brian, thanks for the encoragement icon_smile.gif

18th July 2004

Game Day arrives. Doesn’t start off too well when I get a call from George saying he has heard Barrow are also after Birchall.

We are at home to Runcorn. I note that they have already had two pre season games, so they should be quite a bit fitter than our boys. I plump for a 4-4-2 formation, and select the following players:

Searle, Hartburn, Cole-Bolt, Hooper, Elliott, Hamsher, Le Bihan, Murdoch, Carroll, Cooper, and McDonnell.

I instruct the guys to keep it tight and play counter-attacking football to start with. I also advise them to play at a slow tempo, as it was 24 degrees – very hot in other words. Danny Carroll got the nod as Captain.

91 Loyal supporters turn up to see my first game in charge.

The first half was a disaster. Runcorn were by far the better team and deservedly took the lead in the 18th minute. Hooper got caught to far up the field, which left us open to the counter. Things got even worse a minute later when Hamsher was injured and had to be replaced by Sam Saunders. We managed to survive till half time without conceding any more goals, but I think that was more down to Runcorn’s poor finishing more than good defending by us.

I got the lads in at half time and decided to instruct them to take the game to the opposition. Cut out the respect crap I said, and get stuck in. Lift the pace and take a few chances I said.

Things improved immediately, and McDonnell went close. The match was much more even and both sides had chances to score. After about 65 minutes, I noticed a few of the lads flagging so I brought on Marvell, Patterson Stone, and Wood to brighten things up. It’s wasn’t until the 87th minute that we finally got a shot on target – Cooper bringing a decent save out of the Runcorn number one. In injury time Runcorn got another breakaway goal, leaving the final score at 0-2.

If I didn’t realise this was going to be a difficult job before, I certainly did now!

Carshalton 0 Runcorn 2

Back in the dressing room I got a call from Keith Bayley, our Physio. He was at the hospital with John Hamsher. John had broken his toe. He was going to be out for about two months. I thought about throwing a few cups of coffee around, but decided it might not be a good idea to run the risk of creating any more injuries at this stage. Oh to be a Football Manager!

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cheers Spav, thanks for the kind words

19th July 2004

After arriving at work at 8am, I sat down in my office and began to evaluate yesterday’s game.

What had gone wrong I asked myself? Certainly we was completely outplayed and outclassed. At the back, the fullbacks and Gary Elliott had given the ball away far too much. Only Hooper came away with any credit. Hamsher was ineffective for the short time he was on the pitch. He didn’t make one pass. His replacement, Saunders was OK, but didn’t see enough of the ball. Likewise Le Bihan. That leads me to believe we didn’t get it out wide on enough occasions. Carroll had a solid game, but got little support from Murdoch, who seemed to be a bit swamped. Nic McDonnell was useless. He was hardly in the game and if it weren’t a friendly game I’d have a good mind to discipline him for such a poor performance. Cooper played all right up front, but didn’t get enough shots in. Mind you that was probably down to the lack of service from midfield. Of the subs, Wood and Marvel done well when they come on for the last 20 minutes, and I will probably start with them in the next game.

My conclusion is that a 4-5-1 formation might be a better option with the current crop of players we have. This will hopefully give the defence more passing options. I’ll get them to pass it shorter than they have been. I’ll also instruct the ML and MR to bomb on, to provide some support to the loan front man. I’ll get one of the MC’s to drop back, there by providing a link between the defence and midfield. If I’m going to experiment I guess this is the time to do it.

Nick called me about a couple of players he had spotted. Phil Dicker was a 36-year-old Central Defender plying his trade at Staines. He had decent tackling, marking, and positioning, but was lacking in pace and didn’t appeal in other areas. As such I didn’t follow up with any offers. The other player was an interesting case. Heybridge’s Mick Stockwell. His, was a name I recognised. He was 39 years old so something of a veteran. His stamina was still in tact, and possessed a superb pass along with a strong tackle. He was brave, worked like a horse, and was a team player. Heybridge weren’t looking for any money for him and was currently only on £35 a week. As a right or centre midfielder, he didn’t cover any position where I was short, but I decided to shortlist him for now, and maybe follow up with an offer if I managed to offload a few more of my current squad.

As a parting remark Nick happened to mention that Cheltenham were also interested in loaning Buxton. Great, another higher league team looks to scupper my plans!

After speaking with Nick I head off to the training ground. Overall, things seem to be going reasonably well. I note that the GK training isn’t firing on all cylinders so I make a few adjustments to the weekly schedule. I also tell Hamsher to go home and put his feet up till he is fit enough to resume training.

After training, I head back to the office where I pick up a message left on the phone by Jim Smith at Portsmouth. He says that Buxton has agreed to come and join us for the season on loan. He requests that I call him back to confirm the deal is still on, which I do immediately. I put the phone down, and immediately punch the air. Yes!

No sooner had I made myself a celebratory cup of tea, when the phone rang again. This time it is Roy Aitken, the assistant manager at Villa. He explains that Henderson had decided to join Bournemouth on loan for 3 months. Damn!

Driving home from the office, it get a call on my mobile. Pat rice was on the phone. Birchall had decided to join us for the season. Great news to end the day. Two out of three ain’t bad I guess!

When I got in the wife told me that Cirencester boss, Brian Hughes had been on the phone. He had said he would take Bell off my hands, but wouldn’t pay anything, and wasn’t willing to give me anything if they sold him on. I rang back and left a message saying thanks, but no thanks.

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20th July 2004

At training I got a pleasant surprise. Adam Birchall and Lewis Buxton were both there. I welcomed them both to the club and instructed them to join the others with some pre season training.

Nick called me about a player called Matt Elverson who was at Hampton and Richmond. He was 30 years old and apart from decent pace and acceleration, there was not a lot to get excited about.

21st July 2004

After training, Ricky Bell heads off to Redbridge Borough for contract talks. I get a call from Craig Edwards late in the evening saying he would like to buy Ricky. I agreed the deal, and then phoned the player to wish him all the best.

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23rd July 2004

I get to hear that Bognor’s deal to sign Crawley’s ML Michael Johnson on loan has fallen through. I hear he has good crossing and dribbling abilities so I instruct Nick Bryan to take a look at him and report back with his findings.

24th July 2004

In the morning a call comes through from the job centre. They say that no one has responded re my vacancy for a Physio, but they have had 3 applicants for the position of coach. I told them to keep both adverts running for the time being, and to fax through the C.V.’s for each of the three coach applicants. Within 15 minutes I was sitting down reading the details on each applicant.

Simon Morgan, Age 37 years

Excellent at motivating, very determined, and adapts well. Also a reasonable goalkeeping coach. Definitely a possible candidate.

David Farrell, Age 34 Years

Very determined and quite adaptable. Lacking in discipline and doesn’t work well with youngster. Still plays as a D/DM centre. Think I’ll pass on him.

Vicky Roby, Age 38 Years

Quite adaptable and good at judging abilities. Other than that not very good. Another pass.

I decided to approach Simon Morgan to see what he was after. He stated he wanted £400 per week with a contract till June 2005. I offered him £300 per week up until June 2006. He said he would get back to me.

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24th July 2004(continued)

After this I met up with the players outside the ground, and we all boarded the coach for our away friendly at Hinckley. I still hadn’t decided on my starting team for the game and contemplated my selections on the way up the M1.

I decided to try out the 4-5-1 formation and selected the following personnel:

Searle, Hartburn, Wood, Hooper, Buxton, Saunders, Patterson, Carroll, Le Bihan, Murdoch, Birchall.

When we got to the ground, and inside the changing room, I read out the team list. I told the lads that we would play a 4-5-1 formation and that I expected them to be a lot more attacking than in our first match. Carroll was retained as the skipper, and with Hamsher out injured I told Hooper he could take any penalties we got.

With kick-off time approaching I took my seat in the dugout and barked out a final instruction to the lads to liven up and compete from the off!

The game started brightly with a number of chances falling to us within the first ten minutes. All were missed though without troubling the opposition goalkeeper. The game then settled down with each team having equal possession. The scoring was opened by Hinckley in the 33rd minute when Hartburn committed a foul just outside our penalty area. The resulting free kick flew into the net and Searle didn’t have a hope. Just like in the last game, we suffered an injury when Hartburn collided with an opposition player and had to leave the pitch. I had no replacement DR on the bench and had to instruct our DC Elliott to take his place. Half time score was 1-0 to Hinckley.

In the dressing room at half time I encouraged the lads to keep going. I felt that Saunders and Patterson were not getting into the game as much as they should so asked them to pull back a little to assist in midfield.

For the first 15 minutes of the second half we were put under constant pressure. Hinckley went close a couple of times. After 67 minutes I decided to change things around and give Birchall some support upfront. As such I took off Patterson and replaced him with Cooper. I gave orders for the team to play a 4-4-2 formation. The lads seemed to take a while to settle into the new set-up, and Hinckley had a good couple of chances to increase their lead. The boys eventually got to grips with things and began to create a few chances. It didn’t look good for us though and with the final whistle approaching we were heading for our second defeat in a row.

Deep into stoppage time we had a corner on the left. Sam Saunders went across to take it and floated a ball into the middle of the Hinckley 6 yard box. Lewis Buxton got up above everyone and powered a header into the left side of the goal. I leapt to my feet, and began to run onto the pitch Bobby Stokoe style. Realising my overreaction I stopped and sheepishly began to clap whilst backtracking to the dugout.

Hinckley 1 Carshalton 1

Back in the dressing room I congratulated the lads on a great fight back and a much-improved performance.

On the way home we stopped off at the local hospital where Colin Hartburn had been taken. The news wasn’t good. Colin would be out for around two months as he had broken his jaw. That left me with no one to fill the right back role, and although Elliott had performed well as a cover, I was desperately in need of a replacement. I called Nick and told him to have a list of DR’s available on a free and on loan, on my desk, for first thing the next day. He mentioned something about a striker from Farsley called Ian Blackstone. Didn’t sound too hot so I told him I wasn’t interested. “Just get that list for me†I said.

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25th July 2004

When I wake in the morning I pick up a message left on my mobile by Simon Morgan. He has agreed to my terms and will join us as coach. I called him back and asked him to join us as soon as possible. He said he would try to make it for tomorrow.

Later in the day, I surveyed the list left for me by Nick. It was a bit short to say the least. Only about 30 players in total. Most were utter rubbish. There were a couple of possibilities on the “for loan†list, but none of them stood out. Surveying the list of free transfers, I noticed Dave Timothy. Currently plying his trade at Kingstonian, he appeared quick, could tackle, and as well as playing right back he could also play as an attacking right sided midfielder. Northwood, Bedford, Tonbridge, and Wealdstone had already submitted bids for him. As such I decided to put a bid in of 0k with 20% of the next sale as a tempter.

Looking at yesterday’s game, there were a lot more positives than negatives. Lewis Buxton done really well in his first game, the centre of midfield performed admirably, and Adam Birchall used the ball really effectively.

The downside was that the wide players didn’t get into the game much again, and Hartburn had an awful day by conceding the free kick, which led to the goal, and then getting injured.

Al in all I come to the conclusion that one man up front doesn’t work. So I ponder the thought of possibly trying 3-5-2 for my final friendly.

Nick called just before I left the office with info on Dean Samuels, a 31-year-old Slough forward. Good finishing and crossing but quite slow. Decline to make any move.

In the evening I get a call from Scott Steele, manager at Kingstonian. He says he will accept my offer for Timothy, and allows me to talk to the player. I call Dave at home and asked him what he was looking for. He said he would be happy with a two-year deal at £60 per week with a £20 bonus per assist. I tell him the £20 per assist and two-year deal was fine, but would only offer £50 per week.

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26th July 2004

Simon Morgan arrived first thing in the morning. I introduced him to the squad, and immediately set him to work with the players.

Back in the office after training, I received a call from the job centre. They had a list of candidates for both the Assistant Manager and Scout positions, and said they would fax over the relevant info. When the info cam through, I began by looking at the scouting candidates.

They all look reasonably good, but decided to discuss terms with just two of the five. The first was Simon Clifford, who had excellent tactical knowledge. I was looking to use him for scouting forth-coming opponents. Simon wanted £200 per week until June 2005. I offered him £150 a week until June 2006. He told me he would think about it. The other guy was Rob Campkin.

Rob had good judgement skill both in ability and potential. He was also quite determined, worked well with youngsters, and was motivated. He also wanted £200 per week until June 2005. I offered him the same as I had Simon. Rob said he would get back to me.

After that I picked up the list of Assistant Manager contenders. I was amazed to see the name of the first Candidate. Paul Gascoigne! Never! Not Paul, surely not. He could still play a bit as well, but was now 37, and his legs had gone. Not ideal for a CM in a competitive league like the Conference South I thought. Might draw the crowds in yes, but for how long? In addition, I wasn’t to impressed with his coaching abilities. With a heavy heart I decided to pass on Paul, but personally called him to let him down gently…that’s the least I could do for such an amazing talent that is Mr Gascoigne.

The next name on the list also rang a bell. 41-year-old Chic Charnley. Scottish player/coach. Previously at Bolton plus numerous Scottish clubs. I was looking for someone who had good tactical and motivational skills. Chic didn’t really fit the bill.

One man who did of the other 3 candidates was Allen Blakeley. 47 years old, he had an eye for tactics, and was above average in motivational skills. In addition, he was very determined, and something of a disciplinarian. I called him up and he told me he wanted £400 per week up until June of next year. Again, as money was tight I offered a reduce rate of £300 per week until June 2006. Let me think on it said Allen.

I phoned the job centre back and thanked them for the info. I asked them to keep both adds running for the time being, just in case I was unable to agree any deals. They cheekily asked if I had employed Mr Gascoigne. I said, “you will have to wait and see. I can't possibly divulge any confidential informationâ€.

Nick called me about a couple of players that were not suitable…since they would cost me money. “I told you nick, we are skint,†I said.

Later in the day I got a call back from Rob Campkin. He said he would like to accept my offer, and I congratulated him on making the right choice, and said I looked forward to seeing him soon.

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Q: As I am sure you are aware, Sutton United are Carshalton’s archenemies. Have you got a message for their manager Mr Rains?.

A: No I haven’t. I prefer to concentrate on my team not on somebody else’s

come on darren! what kind of writing is it? We want something spicy! look at Mourinho and Wenger! They are something!

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