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Training and Mentoring Guides

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FM19 (and beyond) - The unofficially official training and mentoring guide

Mentoring on FM19 (and beyond)

Training - a brief guide (FM19 and beyond)


Whilst some of the in game User Interface has changed since the following guides were written, the general principles and development strategies discussed remain very much relevant.

Cleon's Ajax thread

Ajax - When Real Life Meets Football Manager - FM14

Long term approach to training

Squad Building and Development

Rashidi's Basic Training Guide, Setting Filters, Tracking Development within an overall system

Player Development - The Dumdum way

Also from Rashidi

A Basic Guide for Tactics and Training

A guide to how to calculate hidden attribute value ranges relating to player Personalities and Media Handling by Nocuous

The Ultimate Personality and Media Handling Guide


Old game versions - Tug's Training Guides: FM06 - 12

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