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Random wage increase

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Playing my second season as the mighty Banbridge Town in the Northern Irish third tier. A midfielder I signed in the first season has begun to receive dramatic wage increases during season two which I have neither negotiated nor been notified about. Only realised there was a problem when I noticed I was suddenly way over my wage budget on the home screen finances tab. No other terms of his contract have changed. Could possibly be related to the player appearing for the Northern Ireland Under 21s as both instances occurred immediately after he played for them. However, he has played for them numerous times since I signed him and the wage increases have only just started. I was notified that I'd completed a couple of in-game achievements around the same time as the wage increases occurred, but other than that there have been no other potential triggers that I can recall, and no other mysterious goings on.

Great game this year by the way. Wasn't able to play for the last couple of iterations due to not having a suitable device, really missed it. Love a bit of FM!

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  • SI Staff

Hey @oblivion_personified, thank you very much for your post and your feedback, we are glad to hear you are enjoying the game. 

In order to help resolve the issue you are having we would ask that you send us any saves relating to this issue (using the below link) renaming the files (ie.wageincrease). 


Thanks again! :) 

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This should have been fixed for cases like the first example, we had players' wages some times increasing while out on loan. @lucascg this seems like it would be a different issue to that so could you send us a save through the link Michael posted above (named in such a way that i can find it).


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