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[FM20] Divided Poland. 9 new historical nations in UEFA Nations League

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Divided Poland

This fantasy project is dividing Poland into 9 historical nations. All of them participate in UEFA Nations League.
People born in Poland are divided into these nations and represent them.


First file adds Silesian Autonomy and 8 levels league system.The names of the league levels are German-like.

Second file adds Polish leagues to file with Silesian league system (because Silesian clubs were separated).

Third file adds other 8 nations and adds all of them to the Nations League.
You can use this file with Silesian league system, Polish leagues to Silesa file or with relistic league system for Poland from my collection (Poland will show up as Mazovia).

Mod includes flags




And competition logos


Link to the graphics:

1531 clubs, 8 league levels:


Silesian Bundesliga

Silesian 2.Bundesliga

Silesian 3.Liga

Silesian Regionalliga

Silesian Oberliga

Silesian Landesliga

Silesian Verbansliga

Silesian Kreisliga

+Silesian Cup and Supercup
+Silesian clubs in Champions League (1 spot) and Europa League (2 spots). Spots are taken from Russia.
+Logos for nations and leagues

Divided nations:

Silesia (Śląsk)

Warmia and Masuria (Warmia i Mazury)

Podlachia (Podlasie)

Greater Poland (Wielkopolska)

Lodz - Łódź

Free City of Danzig (Wolne Miasto Gdańsk)

Pomerania (Pomorze)

Lesser Poland (Małopolska)

Mazovia (Mazowsze)

+Added all of them to UEFA Nations League

The ID's used for nations:
583 USSR Silesia - Śląsk
62003815 Jugoslavia Warmia and Masuria - Warmia i Mazury
575 Czechoslovakia Podlachia - Podlasie
577 GDR Greater Poland - Wielkopolska
574 CIS Lodz - Łódź
13116454 Upper Volta Free City of Danzig - Wolne Miasto Gdańsk
52024163 Ireland Pre Pomerania - Pomorze
8162661 Monaco Lesser Poland - Małopolska
787 Poland Mazovia - Mazowsze

The nations replaced in Nations League:
Faroe Islands


I kindly ask you to subscribe my workshop in thanks to my work :)



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@Sangue Blu 

I know it's an old file, but I have fm20 from Epic and there is no pre-editor there. I wanted to play Silesia some time ago, so I have a question for you.

Can you put files like:

  • Silesia structure,
  • Polish structure without Silesia,
  • Crimea in euro cups,
  • Liechtenstein league,
  • Swiss without Liechtenstein.

Unfortunately, SI Games does not allow you to download add-ons from the workshop to your disk if the game is not purchased via Steam.

I have fm23, but there I made different changes, and already finished changing the world. And of course I forgot about Silesia nation.

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