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Inconsistencies with Nationality filter in Player Search

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I've recently noticed some inconsistencies with the Nationality filter in Player Search. 


This was found in the 2020 version and I realise that the 2021 version is coming out in a couple of days, but I'm raising this in case it hasn't been picked up yet. 


Please see the details below and screenshot attached. This example should be reproducible in any save game with MLS loaded. 


Steps to reproduce:


1) Run a player search with 'American' nationality and 'Expired' contract status selected. You'll see mostly Americans in the results but also some players from other nations but with American as their second nationality. This suggests second nationality is taken into account when running a nationality search. 


2) Go back to search criteria and deselect 'American' from the Nationality field, so it searches for all nationalities. Run the search again. You should find Italy international, Giuseppe Rossi, in the results. He has a second nationality of American. 


So why did he not come up in the first search? 


By the way, I have seen other examples of this over the last year but this is the first time I've made a point to remember and document the details. 





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2 hours ago, Louie Silvani said:

Hi @passenger58

Have found this issue with a player on FMM21. Ibrahim Affelay (second nationality Moroccan)  I found exactly as you mentioned with Rossi on 20. 

Will raise this with our team, thanks for making us aware

Hi @Louie Silvani. Thanks for raising this. FYI I originally posted this in the FMM forum and Marc Vaughan has already come back with his feedback (see link below) . While I don't entirely with the logic I appreciate the reasoning and don't see it changing anytime soon. Hopefully you can have an influence. 😁



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