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Known Issues and How to get Support

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Welcome to the Support Portal for Football Manager 2021

Known Issues

  • We're aware users are encountering issues with resolution or being unable to click their mouse cursor in the correct place. Please read on our Troubleshooting Article for this issue. 
  • Some users are stating that their systems are running hotter or the game is more demanding. We would recommend reading our Troubleshooting Article for this issue. 
  • We're aware of an issue occurring sometimes when users are quitting the game. This will not interfere with your saving process and it's something we're investigating. 
  • [Fixed in 21.4] Some users have reported experiencing crashes when entering matches post 21.3, it's an issue we've been made aware of and are currently investigating. 
  • [Fixed with Avast Update] We've been notified that users running Avast anti-virus are currently experiencing issues launching the game. We recommend updating Avast as a first step. If that doesn't work, we would suggest adding FM and Steam as exclusions/exceptions. If you still find you're experiencing issues, you can launch the game with Avast disabled, but we would recommend turning on another AV (such as the in built Windows one) before doing so.
  • [Fixed in 21.2] We're aware some users are unable to use the in-game editor in offline mode on Steam. After purchasing the IGE, the user needs to revisit the store whilst in online mode for the IGE to register. The IGE will then appear in offline mode.
  • [Fixed in 21.1.2]  Some users are unable to continue post match. If you encounter this issue we'd suggest removing all custom graphics/add-ons and remove your preferences and cache folders
  • [Fixed in 21.1.3]  Some users encountering issues where the game runs with blurry text
  • [Fixed in 21.2.2] Some Mac users on high resolution displays may experience low FPS when they first launch the game. We recommend resizing your window in windowed mode to the smallest size for best performance. 

If your issue does not appear listed above, we very much recommend visiting our Technical Issues Frequently Asked Questions section of the SEGA Support website. From here you will be able to find all the troubleshooting suggestions for any issue you may encounter.

If you require direct support, please create a Support Ticket so our team can get back to you. However as said, we very much recommend running through the FAQ first as the majority of issues can be resolved by doing so. 

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