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Common Troubleshooting Techniques

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For any issue you encounter we very much suggest using our FAQ as a first port of call in order to find the best way of resolving any issue you may encounter.

We'd also recommend checking our Known Issues list to make sure it isn't something that's already been flagged and whether there is any further information or updates available.

Below are some of the most commonly suggested troubleshooting techniques which can help:

I’ve encountered a crash dump, nothing happens or an error message on launching the game

I’ve encountered a crash dump/quit unexpectedly message whilst processing or clicking something in the game

I've encountered a freeze or black screen on launching the game

The game doesn't appear in the correct resolution, I can't click buttons correctly or don't have the available Zoom option I want

What can I do if I'm seeing poor match engine performance

If you've tried everything found in the FAQ and have not managed to resolve your issue, please submit a support ticket for assistance. 

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