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Hugo Felix being in the DB but not in the game

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Hi I’m an active member in the FMMVibe and I’ve reported this problem but Scratch told me to report it here since SI Staffs seems to read it here a lot more.

So I saw in the Wonderkid List on FMMVibe Hugo Felix is in there then I quickly jumped in FM Mobile and loaded Portugal (all leagues). I looked through SL Benfica and their B team and notice I couldn’t find it. At first I thought it’s another bug where some players is in the Transfer Market but not in the squad list due to the team being too stacked. I searched “Felix” and couldn’t find him only his brother’s there and a few other Felix’s.

I had a discussion with Scratch about this problem and he told me that Hugo Felix is in the Database. So we started a new career and look for his ID using the Hex Editor but can’t find him anywhere.

Is it possible for someone to be in the DB but never in the game?


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I'm Scratch on Vibe, agree with @broodje kip and thought I'd drop some screenshots of what I see in the DB and upload a save file.


Here is Hugo Felix's entry in people.dat in the db:



If I then start a new game choosing Portugal (which is his nationality and where he plays) and "PT Championship and above" (the lowest level possible), and search the save game file for his ID (HEX of A599F704), then it's not found. 



I've uploaded the created save via Owncloud with the name no-hugo-felix.fms

Hope you can help shed some light on why he wouldn't make it into the generated save game. Thanks.

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