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Help with tactic (average positions of my players; screenshots added).

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Probably a little stupid question but nontheless, why are my players mostly on my side of the playground ? (picture). Even when I watch the match, the midfield trio doesnt go up as high, to help wide players and attacker. What am I doing wrong, or what is the main reason they are averaging so deep ? (i also added my tactic in sc). Any advice, help would be greately appreciated o/



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1 hour ago, blejdek said:

why are my players mostly on my side of the playground ?

Play out of defence asks/encourages the midfielders to drop deeper in the initial (build-up) phase of attack in order to help defenders to bring the ball from the back, whereas extremely high tempo tells the players to move the ball as quickly as possible, which means your midfielders are not given the time to get forward early enough to support the attackers. 

Plus, two of your 3 midfielders are played in holding roles (DLP and BWM on defend duty). Nothing wrong per se, just highlighting it as another potential reason for your tactical problem. 

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