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[FM21] Location of panels Team Report Squad Depth


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Searching high and wide for the xml's that control the green boxes that list the suitable players on this image:


And also the xml that controls this panel (the pop up that appears when clicking the light green square on the top right of the boxes above):


Everything I look at in the obvious place panels/team isn’t giving me code that is immediately jumping out at me. If the file layout IS in one of the obvious files, would someone also mind letting me know which bit? Thanks.

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The player boxes should be controlled by the squad depth widget xml file found in the panels\widgets folder.

The popup box should be controlled by the squad depth position dialog xml file found in the panels\dialogs folder.

The other bits should be controlled by the various team report squad depth... xml files found in the panels\team folder.

All of them can be extracted from the panels fmf file.

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Hi @Tyburn, I feel like I'm about 6 weeks behind you!

I've had a go at editing this but too. As you know, I'm trying to get rid of the CA and PA stars.

The best I've managed on the popup box is to get rid of everything after name. As soon as I try to add anything back in (age say) , it always displays position then CA, then PA, regardless of what bits of code I've left in.

It's kind of ok because if I've selected role suitability I don't see the stars anyway.1796203664_positionsquaddepth.png.e65f612220352c3013a37508edb58765.png

I'd also like to increase the width on the boxes on the pitch as it's a bit difficult to see the names!

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Just a quick update.

I found a workaround to the issues with the panel above. I changed the column widths in the xml file and made the ones for CA and PA both 1 , so it can't show them (and made the other columns wider to compensate).


I just need to figure out how to make the player boxes wider on the pitch screen and to stop it defaulting to CA rather than role suitability.

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