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FM20 Crashing...Please Help!!


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I am currently running a save using custom files. The game loaded ok with no issues and I was playing fine until I reached 30th November 2019. 

I hit continue and upon processing the results for that day, I get a crash dump (similar to the attached) and am forced to quit the game.

So far, I have tried the following but with no success;

 1. Verified game files via Steam

2. Confirmed graphics drivers are up to date

3. Confirmed DirectX is up to date

4. Started several 'Test' saves with all leagues and one league at a time

5. Started 'Test' save and started as unemployed

6. Went on holiday until 1st December and 1st January to pass through the issue date

7. Tested competitions in Editor

8. Deleted Cache/Preference folders in %APPDATA%

9. Removed all Advanced Rules and created a ‘Test’ Save


Note: I did run a game with no custom file and this passed through the date with no issues. However, my custom editor file has 390,000+ changes so it wouldn’t be possible to check every change

If anyone has any further recommendations, I would really appreciate the help. 

Thank you in advance.

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