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England - Premier, Championship, League One and League Two

Neil Brock

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Current Assistant Researcher Roles

Premier League

Bradford City
Bristol Rovers
Swindon Town
Wigan Athletic
Wycombe Wanderers

Applicants are expected to be FM players who have extensive knowledge of the club they’re applying for, ranging from player and staff details right down to club kits, finances and records. Ideally, they would regularly attend matches for both the first team and development/youth teams so are able to scout players for your club across all levels.

We also expect applicants to have at least a basic understanding of how data works in-game and have the appreciation that we’re striving for everything to be as accurate as possible. We need our researchers to have at least basic IT skills to operate our online database and keep in contact with Head Researchers and other Assistant Researchers as and when required.  

In your application please let us know what makes you a viable candidate for the role as clearly as possible. To express interest in any of the roles above, please email Sports Interactive's English Research Team with your application and the Subject - AR Application - TEAM NAME of the team you're applying for. 

For any further questions, please check out our Researcher Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Assistant Researchers do?
Assistant Researchers are an important part of the scouting process for Football Manager, making our in-game database as up to date and accurate as possible. They analyse and rate players, staff and make sure numerous other pieces of information related to football clubs are accurate.

What’s a Head Researcher (HR) and Assistant Researcher (AR) and what’s the difference?
HR’s take responsibility for an entire nation or region in game, meaning that they oversee all the data and work directly with our in-house Research department. AR’s work within this framework, providing support for the HR’s by scouting specific teams, leagues or in some cases even nations to make sure all the information is up to date and correct.  

How can I get involved?
By contacting the Head Researcher and providing details on how you could be able to assist as stated above. Some countries/clubs require specific help and are advertised as such via this part of our forums. Within each specific thread you’ll be able to see how to contact the HR and what information you’ll need to apply.

What benefits are there if I’m accepted into an AR role?
Whilst the roles are unpaid, if work is done to a high standard you will be eligible to receive a free copy of the forthcoming version of Football Manager. Once you’ve proven yourself you can also be put forward into our Private Testing program for future and advance versions of our game, meaning you’ll be one of the select few who see the game before anyone else outside of the studio.

It’s also something good to put on the CV/Resume and some of our researchers have gone on to work within scouting and data teams within football at clubs around the world. Others have even ended up working here at Sports Interactive, some as coders, some as QA and some in our in-house research team.

What kind of skills do I need to have to become an Assistant Researcher?
As a starting point you need to have a keen interest in both football and Football Manager. We also like our ARs to regularly watch first team games and ideally if they can youth team football to have a comprehensive understanding of any team they’re scouting. We would also recommend familiarity with how the Pre-Game Editor works with FM as our research tools are similar in layout. 

As well as the above you also need at least basic IT skills to operate our online database and to keep in contact with HRs and other ARs as and when required.

Are there any guides or support for me if I do get the role?
Absolutely. Once appointed you can view our Researcher Guidelines within our Online Research Database (ORDB) which explains a number of things, ranging from how to use the ORDB down to what every in-game attribute represents.

I don't have the time to be an Assistant Researcher but still would like to contribute, is there any other way I can get involved? 
Yes! If you notice something wrong with our in-game data or think you can help we have our Database and Research Bugs Forum which allows all users to provide feedback on our in-game data. The main thing we ask is that people remember that much of the data is subjective and to respect everyone’s opinion. 

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