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Is this tactic any good?

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20 minutes ago, pedrex.alvex said:

but i'm trying to implement a possession based tactic

If you want a possession-based tactic, then:

- you need a formation with more than 2 players up front (at least 3), so that you can effectively apply pressure on the opposition when they have the ball in their half

- you should not use an AP with the attacking duty, because the role looks for quick/early transitional passes forward when played on attack duty (and is therefore more suited for fast-tempo than possession-minded styles)

- you should not use wingers (either defensive or standard), especially not on both flanks, because crossing-heavy roles are not possession-friendly

Other issues in your tactic include:

- poor defensive compactness, especially in a formation with no DM, due to a greater-than-optimal distance between D-line and LOE

- aggressive pressing coupled with this poor compactness can easily make you overly vulnerable defense-wise

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11 hours ago, pedrex.alvex said:

Are any of these two any better?

The first one definitely looks better because it has better balance of roles and duties. Which still does not mean that there is no room for improvement, especially in the central midfield/attacking midfield area.

In terms of instructions, there is still the old problem of poor defensive compactness coupled with aggressive pressing. You failed to make any change on that point.

Question: why do you want to use as many as 3 playmaker roles at the same time? Is it really necessary?


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I think with this one i solved the defensive compactness and i changed the roles as to not include so many playmakers as you said because it was a bit of an overkill. So with that in mind is this one more solid than the others? You see i try and understand the roles and everything but i get a bit overwhelmed by everything

Screenshot (22).png

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4 hours ago, pedrex.alvex said:

I think with this one i solved the defensive compactness

You have improved compactness - and even more than is necessary - but also created a different kind of "problem", because a low LOE does not go hand in hand with possession football.

Therefore, you need to up the LOE to standard (instead of lower). 

4 hours ago, pedrex.alvex said:

and i changed the roles as to not include so many playmakers as you said because it was a bit of an overkill

That's okay, but the problem is that you did so on a random basis. Roles work through interaction, so you always have to think how behavior and movement of any role affects those around it.

And given that you want possession football, this would be my suggestion on the setup of roles and duties:


AMat     APsu

WMsu   DLPsu  BWMsu    WMsu


CDde  CDst   CDde


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