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Crossing Success

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The top team by crossing success in my League, the Vanarama North, would be last in every other league but one.  Meaning the worst teams by crossing success percentage would fall under one division

Vanarama North
1st - 19%
22nd - 11%

Vanarama South
1st - 33%
21st - 22%

Vanarama National
1st - 30%
23rd - 24%

League Two
1st - 30%
24th - 23%

League One
1st - 29%
24th - 15%

1st - 30%
24th - 22%

Premier League
1st - 31%
20th - 24%


So as you can see, crossing is terrible in only one league...the one I am in.  I have looked at other league in my save and they are similar to the other leagues in England.  I can't see the worst 22 teams at crossing all being in the same division. Let me know what I need to upload for you to take a look at this




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