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Game started with only 6 of my player in the whole match day squad.

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Before the game started 2 of my players that are u19 and do not need registration in the Spanish 3rd tier needed shirt numbers but i was not allowed to add any number nor let the auto option run, the button was greyed out. Went back to the squad view and entered there to assign the numbers but still couldn't assign numbers only remove from some of them. Pressed the brief button in the upright corner to continue and it immediately sent me to the match with only the keeper and the 5 defenders although the 2 u19 players with the issue (i assume they created the bug) were on the bench. Ended up playing the game on text only curios of what will happen and ended up losing only 5-0 (which for me is the biggest issue here how can a team of relative equal strength can't utterly destroy half a team. Here is the link to a Dropbox of the save after the game.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/j2x8g2bbzstwd7e/6 vs 11 lose just 0-5.fm?dl=0



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