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Dual nationality issue


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I'm manager of Kazakhstan and found a Latvian/Kazakh dual national that I decided to call up. Latvian was his first nationality as you can see in the screenshot. My National Team options are a little strange already: I should have to convince him to switch his allegiance to Kazakhstan first before I can call him up. But I can just call him straight up and he appears as a Latvian in my Kazakhstan squad.


It gets stranger when he appears for Kazakhstan. The cap goes down as a cap for Latvia, and his eligibility for Kazakhstan disappears. However, he remains in my squad and I play him in the next match of the double gameweek. My National Team options all but disappear so I can't even remove him from the squad – which I want to, because he's a bit rubbish, even for Kazakhstan. It makes some sense that a nationality should disappear after he plays for Kazakhstan, since Kazakhstan doesn't allow dual nationality. But of course it's the Latvian nationality that should have disappeared.577549427_Screenshot2021-04-28at14_05_31.thumb.png.f69bad3411a79ba7a49e96f04015a9df.png

I've uploaded the save, it's 'Kazakhstan dual nationality.fm' and it's from just before the game where he makes his debut (so he's already called up to the squad). I'm running 21.4.0-1528944 with a Germany lower leagues add-on.

As a bonus, there's a small UI issue in that save -  click on Tactics and Selection Advice and you'll see that my next three games have Kazakhstan as the opposition.


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