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Anyone got 2020 Euros to play in 2020

Roy Race 9

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I have had various goes at this and have a 2024 Euros set up working well to include more teams 36 rather than 24

Due to this I do not want Nations League and replace them with mini European comps eg re starting the Home Nations+ Ireland  a Scandinavian 5 team team cup/Baltic and then every other European Nation in 5 team groups based on current FIFA standings:thup:

These take place every 2 years in between the World Cup+Euros starting 2021

However what ever I try to do to get 2020 Euros to play in 2020 it doesnt happen

it either now moves to october 2021 or doesnt take place

Has anyone got the Euros to play in 2020 if so how


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7 hours ago, Wolf_pd said:

This is in FM21 I assume?

yes mate

The issue is obviously being caused by the comp being moved to 2021 due to covid

This version you have 2 sets of rules 


and the 2020 comp is a one off set of rules

but it has this which I have not seen before- fixtures for a different year



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Now I have edited these to take place in August 2020 but the comp doesnt happen but the 2024 one does and is the 32 team event I set up

I have also edited the qualifying for the Euros to accommodate the extra teams, this works fine but only for 2024

NB those extra set of rules moving dates around from 2020/to 2021 are also present in the default set of rules and in the 2020 set of rules

I also looked at additional helpers to see if there was anything in place eg we see in Nations rules for 20/21 season additional helper moving dates around- virus rules 

but the additional helper here is just this below-


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13 hours ago, Wolf_pd said:

Removing that complete set an option or setting the fixture dates to 2000 instead of 2001? Only things I can think of.

yes mate tried those options its if something is hard coded causing the EUROS not to be played in 2020, no matter what I try 

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