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Visual Trainings


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I believe that current training system has no charm at all. Training has to be the main focus for such a tactical game. But  unfortunately FM series had never manage to attract players into that. I think we need some big changes on training system. I mean that trainings needs to be visual. 

  • Instead of switching the bars, we must actually participate in trainings.
  • We don't need to watch the whole training but it could be enough to watch just a few scenery according to real schedule.
  • Trying different formations for the upcoming match. Warn the player against a specific opponent player.
  • Here you can even add more ''ROLE PLAYING'' with judging players movements. Imagine that you are yelling on a player cause he is not doing well, and he responding you with disrespect. Or maybe even birthday-cakes for the birthday boy:D
  • We can have team-talks during the trainings.
  • We can score training performance.

Would be more cool to see ''go to training'' button instead of ''continue''

I wish you consider my advice.

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