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[FM21] Let the eagles fly high - Crystal Palace


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So Roy Hodgson has finally decided to call it a day at Palace,and in comes Frank Lampard as his replacement,ive never played in the premier league for a few editions now on FM always been more of a "lower league" gamer,so thought give Palace a go and see how we get on,no real reasoning behind it.

Palace have been a mid table team for a while now,there best spell of success being in the 90's,runners up in the FA cup final and winning the championship in 1994,up and down like a yo-yo ever since,its time to change that with Lampard at the helm..Lets see what he can do at Palace then shall we..


Current skin that i am using is the base 21 dark skin from MichaelMurray on the forum and the current transfer DB that i am using is found on the link below..




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The squad overall seems to have pretty decent depth but the defence is at an age where they are in the late stages of there careers and replacements will be needed at some point,dont get me wrong you do need experienced defenders for the premiership campaign,if we can also keep a hold of start playere like Zaha and Eze to name a few that will be a bonus,but every player has there price right?..

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This is the way we will mostly play throughout the season,a controlled game,playing out from the back getting the ball up the park to the final third where we hope we can get a few goals,if Zaha,Eze and Batshuayi can click together quickly we will not be too bad


Against the bigger teams in the division we will probably drop a little deeper and try hit on the counter attack where possible,again trying to keep it tight at the back..

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The clubs finances arent too bad at present top earner is Zaha on 130k a week followed by Benteke on 120k a week,if we can keep the figures in a well behaved order we should be fine,but there is a lot of players on a hefty amount who we will try and move on


We will be hoping for discussions with the board in the near future to see if we have any cash available to us..

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In comes Harry Redknapp,the man who has been in the jungle and has managed or been involved with some amount of clubs over the course of his career,brings a wealth of knowledge to the club and hopefully can find us a few decent young prospects into the bargain!!

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