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Issues with adding and removing leagues

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Hi all,

Happy to log this as a bug if people agree (although given the addition of custom league files, I appreciate that it may not be eligible) but more interested in a workaround or whether people have experienced the same. I'm currently playing in Switzerland with a custom file that opens up the lower tiers of the game. It is currently 31st December 2032 and I want to add some additional leagues whilst removing some others. Below is a sample of how that looks:


Now, in the past, I've been able to do this and have proof here with a screen that pops up when hovering over the current leagues loaded within the game. 


Every time I sim to the 1/01/2033 (the load date for USA) and 2/01/2031 (the load date for China and Brazil) - I don't see a change and their leagues are not added. I decided to holiday for a little to see what changes may be made further down the line and it appears that every additional league is not added, but the removal of leagues works fine. When hovering over the pop up again, I can see that the game has actually added them and then removed them on the same day:


Granted - some of these are custom leagues but others are not and I have been running with a custom league file (Switzerland) since day 1 and things have worked fine before!


Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, found a workaround?

Thanks in advance.

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I have also experienced this with my European Journeyman save





Unfortunately I haven't found a workaround and I just started a new save

Also just to note I only used the vanilla game with no league addons or fmf files but did have graphic pics 

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