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Wheeler Dealer mode (Transfers out)


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It seems that there are a few issues in the in-game economy that make selling off players a bit harder than it sometimes should be (for good players, seem to have no issue selling the odd squad player for £30m to China). In general you have little option but to completely undermine a player's value, or risk annoying your entire squad, to get them sold. 

Some of this could be managed with an adjustment to the AI (to better balance their books), or regen rates (the number of players produced that end up, in terms of attributes, world class quality seems quite out of whack, to me), but it would be good to have elements built into the team report that let you know which players might have realistic suitors before you start elbowing them out the door.

Furthermore, as with the agent availability option when weighing up transfers in, could you invest in agent relationships that might help go out and drum up interest (maybe a risky option where the player can find out about it, something you might use for higher profile/value players to help find a realistic price)? This is kind of in the game with the offer options, but it's such a blunt tool at the moment. Feels like part of the game that's seriously lagging behind.

To be clear, this isn't a finance thing, more a maintaining squad balance thing. It seems to affect AI clubs too, that have some surprising players in their reserves endlessly listed.

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