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Issues with trade values for team without GM

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Game version: 1.5.0b1533921


In the current save when the GM of Anaheim, Ray Shero, retires on July 3, the team starts to undervalue several of their players by a lot. Essentially allowing them to be traded away for nothing. After asking for advice on one of the EHM discord servers and doing some investigation I was recommended to make a post on this forum.

We suspect that the issue is that the game is using the stats of the chairman instead of the assistant GM after the GM retired. The poor stats of the chairman could cause the big change in trading value. But it could of course be something that we didn't think of that is causing it. I tried simulating through these days a few times and I always get the same result.

I have included some screenshots as attachments showing the stats of the staff involved and an example of one of the trades involving the player Lorenzo Canonica. But other players such as Ashton Billesberger and Cade Webber are also affected.


Save files have been uploaded to SI Cloud Service.

Before GM retires: Incaendo1july2029.sav

After GM retires:  Incaendo3july2029.sav









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Thanks for reporting this Incaendo, it was fun looing into this with you, I certainly can't explain why this is happening but its a pretty decent exploit against the AI! IMO if a GM is fired by the Chairman the AGM should take over while the Chairman looks for a new GM (if possible).

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