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Add some triggers to enable clubs to sign their retired players as staff


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Too often I see a big player retire, become a staff member, and join a rival as a staff member. It feels like as soon as a player switches to non-playing person, they break any ties they had with their former club. This obviously applies mostly to players who spend more than 2-3 seasons with their club. 

I think it's very important for roleplaying for a club to sign their retired captain as a youth coach instead of them suddenly signing for a club in the other side of the continent even though they spent their whole career for a single club. 

I can see this being enforced with a club policy like "signs club icons as staff members" or as a player long-term plan "would preffer staying at [team] as a coach". 

This of course should take stats into consideration - some great players end up with ridiculously bad stats, so that wouldn't apply. Although whenever a real-life player retires  as a staff member, they always get decent stats in the next edition of FM.

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