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Players experience, why to hire/keep over 30 veteran players?

How should FM encourage us to keep veterans?  

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  1. 1. How should FM encourage us to keep veterans?

    • More visible effects in games, specially important ones
    • Mental skills raising more as physicals decline
    • Slower physical decline
    • Higher penalty for not keeping them (players and fans much more disappointed)
    • Game giving us more feedback about the good and the bad of keeping/selling them
    • They should ask for shorter contracts and be more willing to lower their game time
    • It is fine as it is, nothing needs to change
    • Others (please explain)

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Currently most of users including me, get rid of players when they reach 30, regardless of if they are team veterans that have been with me for years. I just keep them if I'm more into roleplaying in that save, as I know that if i was a real manager, I wouldn't fire or sell them as it would punish me much more than the game does (or at least what we see it does).

That is kind of an advantage or exploit vs the AI.

Why do we get rid of them?

- Too fast physical declines

- Long contract demands

- Not any visible advantage other than tutoring to keep them.

How would be more willing to keep them?

- Tutoring: This is working ok as designed

- Leading by experience: not noticeable or at leat the game is nog giving enough feedback about it, other than some messages about lack of leadership in the team. I don't see my young players collapsing more or making more mistakes when nervous, or if they do, the game is not telling us about it.

- Mental skills making up for the loss of physical ones, maybe mentals should go up more than what they do with players experience, if you keep CA constant, decline of physicals should raise mentals at same speed.

- No declining as fast, currently more and more players take care of their bodies and can last more years at top level. I think FM is still using old modelling for this.

- Higher penalty for not keeping them, you can get one player moaning about the loss of a leader, but not big deal, same with fans, they will say in the report that they wanted to keep that veteran but again no big deal, you can ignore it.

- Make them realize that their end is closer, so do not ask for long contracts nor expect to keep being a starter (this should be based on the player personality, ambition ego etc).

What do you guys think should be improved?

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  • Icy changed the title to Players experience, why to hire/keep over 30 veteran players?

Experience needs to play more of a part in future games. Like you say, a team of 18 year old wonder kids would dominate. In real life it wouldnt happen, they would crumble under the pressure, not having that big game experience or physically bullied by players knowing the tricks, little cheats that only come through years of playing. Physical decline to sharply as well. Take someone like Ronaldo, Ibra, Cavani they look after themselves and are in great condition. Cavani last night in extra time running back 60 yards to make a block, after 1 season in game hes useless. 

There are still ways to use older players I had a 41 year old Morgan Gamst Pederson on 1 save in Russian 2nd division get player of the year but it's a freak occurrence. I played in China had Bale , Aubameyang and Diego Costa as a front 3. They were absolute useless. I got sacked, they couldnt score and were outplayed by Chinese defenders with awful stats, not even good physicals. 

It's a massive problem for me how rapid ageing stars decline. I tend to play journeyman saves and parts of the appeal for me is siging an ageing name in the an obscure lower league for last hurrah. It's mainly pointless trying when so 28 year old no mark will perform better than an ex ballon dor winner.

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I think the decline of older players is just fine. However I could see the development curve of younger players could be stretched a bit. I feel like there are often too many world class players at young age.

I also think that hidden attributes could have a bigger impact especially consistency and big matches, as they develop over a players career. Maybe this could be even more stretched, so that young players are often somewhat more inconsistent and inexperienced in big matches.

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physical stats need to not decline rapidly

the most shocking one ive seen over the years is plyers strength dissapearing when they go past 32, when irl an older player would be much stronger then a younger player and this is one of the advantages older players have, acceleration going is a yes and even pace and stamina but strength?!? i think not

Also another thing is the board at most clubs do not want to sign players over 30 and sometimes even over 28 when irl in the EPL United (Cavani), Chelsea (Thiago Silva), Arsenal (Willian) and Spurs (Bale) all made marquee signings last summer that were over 30 and 3 of them were succesful/resonlbly succesful with a cult like connection amongst the fanbase. 

Whilst Key/main players in league winning sides such as (Yilmaz Lewandowski, Tadic, Gundogan/fernandinho, whole Inter side, Suarez) are all over 30, not to mention top scorers/players of the year.

So I think older players should have a less rapid decline in certain physical atributes, better connection with the fans(merch/shirt sales),stronger leadership status and boards should encourage signing experiences/holding onto long standing players as well as the players willing to accept shorter term contracts 2 years 1+1 etc...

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Physical decline being so quick is a big issue, but experience should matter more also.

Something like increasing consistency as they age would be a simple way to add a bit more use to them. Then reducing the physical decline, even if pace reduces, but agility and strength is still there for a while.

@Showerman has a good idea with increasing shirt sales/popularity being a big one. A good IRL example would be CR7, that even though some can make a case he's on the decline, he brings alot in popularity and money into the club and the whole league. That wouldn't happen if the same club signed a 20-yr-old up and coming player who's great, like Foden, who would bring fans but nowhere near the money/fans/popularity/sponsorships/sales.

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I always keep veterans if they have great fitness (Pace of 15 in veterans is common these days...).

I answered the survey, and think the game could improve pro/con analysis, and have higher complaint rates (and penalties) by fans and sponsors.

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Having experienced veterans in your squad should be useful just like it is in RL - by the influence they can have on younger players, not just by mentoring, but also out on the pitch too.

Thankfully its something SI have acknowledged.

Whether it'll make it into the game one day is another matter though :)



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On 16/07/2021 at 14:52, Platinum said:

Here is an article published by Football Manager talking about why we should keep older players


Those are great. One thing that is missing and will add to the game is experienced players ability to keep other players on the pitch composed. Especially players that are young and don’t like big games. I rather have a veteran in the starting 11 than having to micro manage body language all game.

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I think the match engine could use some balancing in regards to how it deals with Pace/Acceleration, especially in roles that don't demand it. I'm sure we've all experienced a player who plays out of their skin just because they have those two attributes, and it is a reason why playing a team of youngsters is more effective than it should be.

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On 16/07/2021 at 21:52, Platinum said:

Here is an article published by Football Manager talking about why we should keep older players


These would be great if they actually had significance in the game. Currently they really don't, which is a big issue that I hope is addressed in future iterations.  The wonderkid dominance needs to end! 😉

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The big problem for me is wages. They wage demands just don't go down, they continue to demand what they got at their peak, or even more despite not being as good a player. I'd definitely be more willing to keep 30+ year old players if they weren't demanding like 300k a week in wages.

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The decline is sometimes very steep and unrealistic. 

The main issue is that everything is standardized. Some leagues have steeper declines due to their training regimes (England and France come to mind), but then you see players in Italy, Germany and Spain perform at a high level after their 35th birthday, even if they lose a step. 

Lots of things on the game are standardized to English football elements so this is just another one of those things. Plus, the ME just loves physical traits and isn't very fond of showcasing mental attributes. Definitely room for improvement for AI but I've managed to keep older players happy and useful myself by altering the relevant training stuff. 

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IMO hidden attributes like Consistency, Important Matches and Pressure should increase with time and experience. Also mental stats like Decisions, Concentration and Influence should increase as players get older. 

Physical attributes should decline  less if the player is professional enough and has good Natural Fitness.

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