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TaylorMadeGaming-Youtuber Currently doing a worldwide journeyman and Euro 2020 series

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Hello People I'm TaylormadeGaming (previously BadjokesGaming) and i'm a youtuber whose been going for 4 years now creating all different kinds of content but right now i've got two series going on my Youtube channel. 
The first series is called Homeless to Hero and is a worldwide journeyman where weve started in a very interesting country  please check out the first episode of that series 

The second series is my attempt at winning Euro2020 With England can I bring Football Home?? You'll have to watch from episode 1 to find out 

If you do enjoy my content It would mean the world to me if you would subscribe to the channel, as i'd love to hit 700 subs by my birthday on the 14th of July 

thanks so much for reading and watching i'll catch ya soon

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Football Manager 2021| EURO 2020 Semi-Final | ENGLAND VS CROATIA| TAYLORMADE TO WIN THE EUROS| EP6

Today it's England vs Croatia in the EURO 2020 Semi-Final can we avenge our world cup semi defeat and make it to the final of EURO 2020


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