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Counter Attack MasterClass

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Hello everyone,

As the title says I'm going to present you my counter-attack masterclass tactic. Before I share the idea behind it and dive into the tactic itself let me share the results and what I was able to achieve:

So the team is A.Madrid, first season - no transfers. Here's the standing:

Champion. Only 1 defeat (5 in total across all competitions, 3 of which in the Champions League). Only 20 goals conceded (Best defense in the league). 77 scored (Second best in the league)


22 clean sheets in 38 games. .. oh did I mention that from the 20 goals conceded there were 9 from set pieces - 2 from corners, 4 from IFK and 3 from penalties. So basically 11 goals from open play.




As a huge fan of Mourinho and the football that he preaches I tried to create something similar. Not exactly to replicate his style, formation and methods but the idea that a strong, structured defense and patience can win everything. With that being said I wanted my team to play in low block and be extremely disciplined when it comes to pressing and closing the gaps. In order to achieve that here's how I've set them up and have to say it worked more than well:


The crucial thing here is the pressing intensity. Since I was going to invite pressure in my own third I wanted everyone to keep their assigned position and don't break away from it for pressing opposition midfielders, wingers or attackers. With the slight less pressing intensity basically my players were waiting for an opp. player to enter in their zone and then they started pressing. Keep the formation, close the gaps and if anyone enters your zone put pressure on them to force the mistake.

In the same time since I'm playing A. Madrid, I'm expected to kind of dominate most of the teams in La Liga so I decided to take a positive mentality with a quick short passing. So when I have the ball and there are no circumstances for counter attack I can use the creativity and technical ability of my players, trying to create a one-on-one situations on the flags for my inverted winger to either cross or shoot.


I believe a huge indicator of how my defense and my attack performed is the below analysis:

Basically I was creating 2 CCC per game and I was facing something like 0.9 per game.


Here's how my formation and roles looked like:


I have to say that the 2 central midfielders and the AMC are crucial for the way everything's setup. Most of the times these are the player that will take/intercept the ball and start the counter attack. For example Lemar (AMC) had 23 assists in the league and Koke (DLP) had 11. Lemar was averaging 5.84 and Koke 3.30  key passes per 90.

Finally if you want to take a look at what you can expect I've loaded my away game against Real Madrid to get a glimpse of what you can expect. Probably had better options to share but this one has to be the sweetest, right? If you watch the game you'll see that RM have like 20-25 shots but no real chances apart from one in the second half.

Tactic is also uploaded, so please share your feedback, your tweaks, your success and failures! Enjoy!

Pileto - Counter Masterclass.fmf RM-ATM Counter Masterclass.pkm

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55 minutes ago, carloshcorbalan said:

I try to download but it tells me that the connection is not secure. Popdrias upload link with mediafire or similar .. ?? Thanks.

Hey man I don't why that could be, but I think it's against rules to post links and stuff 😞

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15 hours ago, carloshcorbalan said:

ok ... so, describe individual player orders if there are any ...

Yes, there are. I'll load screenshots when I have the time. Probably a bit later today

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I like to try interesting looking tactics, especially if they appear to be tight at the back and create a lot of CCC's

I gave this half a season with Liverpool, but it didn't really work for me. It wasn't particularly solid at the back and it created very few CCC's :(

It might just work better in Spain than in the EPL



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