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Unable to import custom training

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I'm playing FM21 on Mac and I've downloaded a couple of training schedules online that I want to import into the game and every time I try to the folder is showing empty. I have downloaded them and saved them in the locations and folders recommended but when I open the game and try to import the folder just shows as empty. 

I've done the same thing with custom tactics and had no issues but this always happens on training schedules. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong?D0E00CA2-75FF-41D8-8225-9BA2DD2B80B2_1_105_c.jpeg.48647e0e6b647c244cfc655dfe9424b7.jpeg48053AE5-8312-4DE8-9892-99E3EF310627.jpeg.20c2bca18b3805d0caf858d642672634.jpeg

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