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Players wanted for our online league for season 7.

We are running a network game of Football Manager, where players can compete online to test their management skills against others. Choose any available team from Spain, Germany and Portugal

We are particularly looking for dedicated managers. New members will be asked details before being accepted via our Discord Server, where someone will go through the process with you.

We play Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 7:30PM-10:30PM GMT. The game will be up 30 minutes beforehand at 7PM UK time.

You will need Discord for chatting and messaging during gameplay. We currently have 12 active managers

During the game you will need to be on comms, but you can mute yourself.


Teams taken so far:

Chelsea @Tommy - Chelsea
Man Utd @James - Man Utd
Man City @Matt Smallcock - Man City
Wolves @Richard - Wolves
Arsenal @Jack - Arsenal
West Ham @Robin - West Ham
Liverpool @Bam - Liverpool

Napoli @Stoni - Napoli
AC Milan @Dylan - AC Milan
Juventus @Nick - Juventus
Cagliari @Adi - Cagliari
Inter Milan @Jacob - Inter Milan

Bayern Munich @Xzibit - Bayern
Dortmund @Paul - Dortmund

Athletico Madrid @Tom - Athletico Madrid
Real Madrid @Marttin - Real Madrid
Barcelona @Stu - Barca 

PSG @Jason - PSG
Lyon @Ant - Lyon

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Season 1 results:

Premier League

Tommy - Chelsea
Screenshot at Feb 28 20-46-26-min.png


La Liga
Betis - AIScreenshot at Feb 28 21-15-06-min.png


Liga NOS
Matt - Porto

Screenshot at Feb 28 21-16-05-min.png


Dortmund ΑΙ

Screenshot at Feb 28 21-16-53-min.png


Serie A
Juventus ΑΙ

Screenshot at Feb 28 21-17-52-min.png

Europa League
Tim - Leipzig

Screenshot at Feb 28 20-48-02-min.png


Champions League

Jason - Manchester City

Screenshot at Feb 28 20-47-10-min.png

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