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Summer Transfer Update - ** 04/06/2021**

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**An early summer date update for those itching for next season**

LINK ---------------------  https://www.mediafire.com/file/nh5oznmjmgq2etr/June_4th_2021.fmf/file


Major transfers and managerial changes done.

NOTE - I have done the majority of major transfers across Europe (Alaba, Aguero etc) many transfers at a lower level will be missing however.
> I have terminated many loans but kept some of those with options to buy as many clubs are currently still in the middle of negotiations in real life. For example, Moise Kean at PSG. The five major leagues have been updated more than the others.

> All last seasons injuries removed.
> Loans removed where applicable.


Promotions and relegations done through the majority of European Leagues.

NOTE - Some leagues have yet to play out their promotion playoff fixtures (Spain being one) and so for the moment I have placed the team who finished 3rd in the second tier into la liga (although they lost their first leg 3-0 :lol:). This will be changed with further updates. Secondly the Turkish and Russian leagues are playing with a different number of teams next season in their top division and so there's a discrepancy there too.


League and Cup history changed for most European countries to show all of this seasons competition winners.

NOTE -  Unlike previous FM series which automatically altered Super Cup fixtures based on cup winners history. This FM chooses to ignore this and so for example the Super cup will not be Chelsea/Villarreal but rather still Bayern/Sevilla. The community shield is still Arsenal/Liverpool etc. I believe it’s hard coded into the game as I haven't been able to find a work around.


European competition entries fixed for the 2021/2022 season including lesser nations like Armenia, Israel etc. Champions League entries for 2021/2022 complete to at least 95% accuracy.

NOTE - There is no Europa conference League. Every team who qualified for this upcoming seasons Europa Conference I have placed in the Europa League.

NOTE - I was unable to put five Spanish teams in the CL and so placed Villarreal in the CL and Sevilla into the Europa League.

Known/deliberate errors - The game was overriding one of my Spanish and Belgian Europa League selections. For some reason it was placing the seasons domestic cup runners up in the Europa League. In order to fix this I altered the runners up of the Spanish and Belgian Cup in 2021 to have the correct teams placed in the Europa League and so in the history of those cups you will notice an incorrect runner up for the 2021 season.

Added a number of local derbies and rivalries to the database. Minor alterations of club reputations to improve realism.

Altered a number of recent high profile national team declarations . Laporte, Hannibal etc.

End of season retirements done


***I did this update entirely myself and so there are going to be many gaps. Anything major missed let me know and I'll alter it. **** Well maybe, I do intend on playing it at the moment....

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